Hello everyone!
These days have been a rush for us taking all the advantage of the last days on vacations. All the relaxing moments took possession of me in such a way that I lost my abilities in the kitchen.

Lately, I’m very addicted to eclairs and today I had the great idea of trying to make some homemade eclairs. I swept all the cookbooks I have around (and I confess that 95% of the books I have at home are cookbooks) and I found the perfect recipe for the choux pastry (you can find an excellent recipe here). I installed all my photographic equipment in the kitchen, turned on my dear friend Bimby, took a deep breath and started my adventure.

Nothing predicted that something bad would happen. Until, and despite looking closely at recipe book, I changed the order of the ingredients. “It’s nothing,” I thought. “How many times have I been doing something in wrong order and it did great.”

I began to realize that things were not going well and will not go as intended, as soon as I took the pastry out of the bowl and put it into the pastry bag and could not squeeze into the tray. Instead of being soft and elastic, the pastry seemed to be quite hard (and I confess if I allowed it to dry a little, I could use it as a brick). It was so hard, that I had to use a pastry gun, and was able to open my wrist and, actually, end up breaking the gun.

When things do not go well, I usually get quite unnerved. (A calzone, once, flew straight to the ceiling for not being as I expected it to be). However, I do not know whether because of love to my new kitchen, or due to my conscience telling me to calm down and not wasting the food, I just managed to form the eclairs, put them in the oven and began to make the custard.

Well, unfortunately what I took out of the oven did not look like the eclairs in any manner. In fact, it looked like mini-churros  glued together. And that’s what gave me an idea to improvise and make from the horrendous version of eclairs some “deep sticks de choux” sprinkled with sugar and accompanied with custard. Result? Delicious!

Deep Choux Sticks

So, as you can see, things in the kitchen do not always go as well as we can expect and as it may seem. But you do not have to be sad and throw everything away, a little of creativity and everything is solved!

Have a great weekend!
Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde

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