It's Tunetoo Hoodie Season

It’s Tunetoo Hoodie Season

If you’re a fan of a trendy and comfortable fashion, this post is definitely for you! Today, I going to talk about sweatshirts and hoodies and how they are getting more and more popular again these days. They are simple and easy to wear, and even can be used in different combinations and styles. Everyone loves them and it’s a fact! It is a very symbolic clothing item of youth culture and urban style. But have you ever dreamt about your own personalized hoodie? I had and thanks to TUNETOO (, I got mine in my mail box.


“We believe in the importance of giving a unique character to the products we manufacture. We value creative diversity rather than conformism, and we allow everyone to express themselves in a genuine and different way.”

–          Tunetoo

TUNETOO is a customization service that offers a wide range of products, from prints, clothing, accessories, home décor and toys. And the best part of it is that everything can be completely personalized! But if your creativity is a bit down, you should check a section created especially for both national and international artists and choose something you really like from their own collection – the Art Shop.

A Tunetoo hoodie in my #mailbox

My choice fell on a grey Sherpa Hoodie. I thought it would be a perfect addition to this year’s Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Having something new, cool, simple, unique in it’s own way and warm enough for colder days, this hoodie has exceeded all my expectations. Plus, the geek side of me decided to add some gaming touch to it with embroidered symbols.


Tunetoo Jacket 1Tunetoo Jacket 3

Few days later, when I got this hoodie in my mailbox, it turned out to be even more “badass” in real life! I say “badass”, because whenever I think of a hoodie, and in this case a really cool hoodie, I instantly associate it to the punk & skateboarding culture. Whenever I use a hoodie, it gives me a cool young outlaw attitude. So, may be this was the main inspiration for the photos I took for this post and I really hope you enjoy it!




*This post was sponsored by TUNETOO and INFLUENCE4BRANDS. As usual the content and opinion are my own. I really wanted to thank TUNETOO and Influence4Brands for this partnership.

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  1. Wow, Wow. Bon post. J’adore tes photos, Je vois que ce fut une excellente expérience avec ce magasin. Je pense que je vais l’essayer!

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