Hello Blooming Worlders!
Today is a day full of emotions, because yesterday I was at one the most legen…wait for it…dary concerts of my life and I’m super euphoric.

A little bit about last night…

Despeite of being a music lover in general, yet I consider myself as a rock chick because of my musical culture inherited from my father. Not a rock chick that uses pretty band t-shirts, which are quite trendy nortada, but a rock chick in heart and soul. I used to (literally) fall asleep listening Led Zeppelin when I was just a baby and I spent my childhood listening rock music from 60s, 70s & 80s. And that’s why when we found out that Deep Purple would end their 29th and the last European tour of their career in Lisbon, we did not think twice and bought and gave the tickets to my father as Christmas gift. It would be (and certainly was) the unique moment of his life – It was one of his favorite bands which he’s never seen live!

Yesterday, was a sort of a father and daughter moment. But not only for me and my dad. The public that was attending that event at Meo Arena, was quite diversified. Between men and women in their fifties, you could see young people, who clearly wanted to remember and share their parents youth years, marked by the band.

One of most euphoric moments, was the melody of “Cheira a Lisboa” song, immortalized by Amalia Rodrigues and improvised during Don Airley’s solo, that put the people who were sitting on their feet and caused and explosion of an applause and whistles. However all the energy and the potential of the audience could be felt with the first acordes of the legendary Smoke on the Water, which clearly drowned out the band during its choruses.

A lot of videos and photos on the phone. A croaky voice. Tiredness and aching body from dancing and (sometimes) headbanging. These are the results of a very unique and memorable night.

Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde

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