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Tattoos are one of the most discussed topics on blogs and famous magazines. Everyone knows that tattoos are for life. Well, at least for whom doesn’t want to get themselves in expensive tattoo removal process. I say expensive and not painful. Thanks to technological advance, fortunately, there are a lot of places offering removal services which do not make us feel fried alive. However, a good and efficient service has its price. For example, for a PicoSure treatment (a treatment where, according to specialists, an anesthetic injection is more painful than a the removal itself) costs between 200€ and 2000 €).

I confess that I do not understand people who spend their money on tattoos and then on its removal. Or it’s because the tattoo master was not very skilled or it was just a stupidity tattooing the boyfriend/ girlfriend’s name (well, may be that’s the most common reason).

Everyone, or most of us, love to follow trends. And of course, tattoos are still a huge influence in the trend world. And for that reason, for whom wants to follow this trend but still hesitates, there are some tips below:

1. Think, think and think.

Choosing a tattoo design takes its time (unless you’re drunk and are about to make something really stupid!). However, it’s very important to think about what do we like and things we identify with. The best tattoos are those with some meaning and make us feel good looking at them. If you can’t find any image you like, you can always ask your tattoo artist to draw it. I think, this is actually the best option, because it will be unique and your tattoo master will take a great pleasure tattooing it. ‘Cause, you know, it was something created by him and he didn’t imitate some guy’s work.

2. Look for a great tattoo master.

Everyone that has drawing skills thinks that he is (or will be) a succeeded tattoo artist. This is a reality. It’s a shame for me to admit, but my first tattoo was actually made by my neighbor, who, by chance, had a tattooing machine and asked me if I would like to tattoo a star I used to draw on my arm. I confess that if it was an elaborated piece, today I would be very disappointed. That’s why we need to look for a great tattoo master, see his portfolios and focus us on a style that we want for it. An artist who’s pretty great on a Japanese style, can not always be very great with thin lines or portraits (and badly tattooed portraits provoke nightmares, trust me!)

Don’t bother too much if the tattoo artist does not respond you. It not about bad manners or lack of respect. It’s a tattoo artists thing. Their art takes time (so does their communication) and besides, good tattoo masters have a very busy agenda. So do not stress. Patience is a virtue.

Tattoo Choice

3. Decide where to make a tattoo.

Whenever I see a tattoo, I think “Wow, that’s cool. I want make one there too!”. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s gonna fit well on your body too. Draw or ask someone to make a drawing on your body, just to make sure that you like it on that part of your body. Do you remember a star on my arm? Yeah, I tattooed it because I really found a perfect spot on my body for it.

As much as it’s on trend, tattoos are still being considered a taboo thing. It’s very important to think where do you want to have your tattoo. Also, you have to realize that some of them end up being larger than you think. And if we work in an formal corporate environment, I do not advise getting a tattoo in a very visible part or parts where’s too difficult to hide it. So, no forehead or neck tattoos (unless you don’t mind using a turtle necks or burkas in Summer).

Before getting a tattoo, I advise you think about the future and think about how you would hide it in case of a need. (Yes, I know. We don’t get a tattoo to hide it, but as much as it sounds despicable, we have to face the reality!).

4. The most important: Hygiene.

Tattoo is a cosmetic and  medical procedure. Hygiene is the key aspect to avoid complications and infections. Make sure that the place where you’re about to get tattooed complies with hygiene standards. Do not be afraid to ask about sterilization methods, ink ingredients and care instructions. If you’re used to experience some allergic reactions on your skin, notify your tattoo artist or ask your doctor just to make sure that getting a  tattoo is a good idea. Most of people do not advise getting a tattoo in Summer. However, if it’s impossible to avoid, due to your tattoo artist agenda, for example, ask him how to care and protect your tattoo from the sun!

Tattoo Master II

Have a great Friday!

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    • Concordo plenamente! Eu não confio muito nos serviços de remoção que se têm oferecido por ai. Apesar de saber que existem uns que oferecem um pouco mais de segurança e eficiencia e, que no entanto, custam um balúrdio. Pensar e tomar decisão certa, é a melhor solução para não se arrepender :). Beijinhos

    • You’re right Elena, it’s really, really terrible! I’m glad you liked this post and maybe someday it will help you to decide to get or not to get one 😀

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