Soothi Journals – A great way to keep handwriting in even in a digital world

Soothi Journals – A great way to keep handwriting in even in a digital world

Few days ago, I received a beautiful package from Soothi containing a beautiful leather journal for my ideas. Just note, a very beautiful package – a recycled carton box with a very elegant feather print on it.

We live in a whole digital world. Most of us are totally dependent of technology and what’s the point bringing a notebook and a pen around, if we can instantly take any note on a smartphone? Plus, it takes less space!

As much as this idea sounds pretty practical, writing something on a paper is not only a very relaxing and a pleasant process for me, I just discovered that it also helps out to boost my creativity. So, having a notebook in my purse to write or draw some ideas while I am on the go has become essential to me and what another important key point to complete this? Having an elegant notebook!

Soothi Personalized JournalSoothi creates accessories and stationery products by the hands of inspiring creator for inspiring people. All products are made from sustainable materials like recycled leather, tree-free paper and cast-off wood, applying their best practices to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Soothi sent me a refillable version of their best seller – Journal embossed with William Faulkner quote “If a story is in you, it has to come out..” – A perfect push to start layering out all the ideas for my posts on paper, don’t you think so? Also, this vintage brown leather journal comes with one hundred lined and ivory-colored cotton paper pages in 5 x 7” size, that turns it into a perfect accessory to carry in a purse or a backpack. And the best thing about it is that it is made from high quality materials and the fact that it is refillable version allows me to use it for a great amount of time, even when all the pages are scratched down.Soothi Journals

Soothi offers a great number of products and designs to choose from. And another best thing about this brand is their commitment to our planet. Besides their sustainable production methods, every purchase made on their website contributes to animal rescue and help organizations and helps to restore the deforested areas by selling their journals. So, buying a beautiful leather journal from Soothi, you will actually receive an email where you will be able to choose a place where they should plant a tree on your behalf and follow its impact on their blog.

Thank you very much, Soothi, for this beautiful gift and for helping to save our planet!

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