Hello Blooming Worlders!
Today I wanted to share something I need to get off my chest. I am pretty sure that many of you will not agree with me (or maybe you will), but visiting a Primark store for me is quite fulminating.

I’ll explain. Whenever anyone’s asking me “Hey, let’s go to the Primark store?, my brain stages an action blockbuster that Michael Bay could ever imagine. I mean chaos everywhere, explosions and battles because of a top that was five euros and now it costs only two (and which probably will not fit to any one whose fighting for it anyway).

After imagining this clearly not exaggerated scenario, I just reply “Hummm…. Maybe, next time!”

“A sort of a Bermuda Triangle”

The truth is that there’s nothing wrong with a brand, neither its stores. To be honest, there are a lot of very classy and beautiful affordable pieces and the quality… Well, let’s say that it’s according to the standards… I like very much a diversity of things that this store has to offer to its clients, especially all the merchandising related to video games, movies, series and music. I love when my stepson offers us key chains, slippers and mugs from Primark in England. It’s so awesome!

However, I try to avoid this store to the maximum.

What really freaks me out is that Primark is a sort of Bermuda Triangle, where people lose all their human attributes, like control and common sense, as well as their hearing, seeing and talking abilities. (No, asking for a permission to pass through is completely useless. You need to have ninja skills and combat training to walk and survive in that store! Ahhhh! Do not forget about X-Ray vision to be able to find something in that panting environment).

The influx of costumers is exuberant. I swear I tried to go there in the mornings, lunch time and even at the closing time. And I reached the conclusion that people never leave that store. It feels like they actually moved in and are living there. (I think needless to say about queue to cash registers).

“A disillusioned ending”

All my visits to Primark start and end up the same way: I stop at the entrance. Take a very deep breath. Scan the whole area. Move quickly to the next strategic point, meanwhile jumping like Super Mario and avoiding every obstacle ahead (Never forget ninja skills!). I finally arrive to the cash register area with only a pair of socks. See that there are 35 in the line before me. Think twice, give up and leave the store without buying anything. (Let’s face the truth, for a woman leaving the store empty handed is a huge disappointment!)

Attention! I am not criticizing, neither judging anyone who actually does shopping at the Primark store. (In fact, it’s quite opposite! I take my hat off to whom actually leaves that store with a lot of bags). But as I said, this post is about something that I needed to get off my chest and I would love to read your opinions about it! 😀

Lots of Love,

Blooming Blonde

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