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Strolling around our favorite city, is always a great option to spend time with family and, somehow, contribute to local tourism (like, this city, in particular, is need of this). However, I just love Lisbon and when there’s an opportunity to enjoy its views and visit some places I’ve not visited for years, I’m totally in and this time we decided to visit the Oceanário de Lisboa (Lisbon’s Oceanarium).

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Oceanário de Lisboa
It’s been almost ten years, since the last time I went to the Oceanário and I was in total shock how it changed. No, it’s pretty the same outside and inside. But in terms of the amount of visitors, it turned out to be chaotic.

When we arrived, we saw and gigantic queue to the ticket kiosk, ticket vending machines and online ticket vending machines. It seemed like five hundred people were huddled on top of each other. And one thing was certain: I didn’t want to spend a half of the day waiting for a ticket in a queue.  I checked the oceanário ‘s website and there was an option to buy the tickets online. As soon as my payment was accepted I received the tickets on my e-mail!  A very fast and efficient, so why people keep spending time in queue?

We all know that queue are quite chaotic and I thought that as soon as we get in, we will calmly appreciate all the beautiful sea life that Oceanário had to offer. I was there at least three times and it always provided me a relaxing sensation looking at all the marine species in the tank. Surprisingly, this time it felt like we were the fishes in the tank! Sooooooo many people and talking very loudly and pushing each other as it was the last thing they would see in their lives. Children were shouting, pushing and running over the other adults, children and employees. And their parents didn’t even care. With a cracking headache, desperate and bewildered, we reached the way out.

WEB 2017 09 05 09.39.42 1 Oceanário de Lisboa Oceanário de Lisboa

For the first time in my life, I felt like visiting the oceanário was a pretty bad idea. The place is still quite magical. And offers a very wide variety of things to see. But people…… it seems that people lost their ability to behave like normal people. Anyway, at least somehow in the middle of the chaos, I managed to took these beautiful photos. Enjoy!

Oceanário de LisboaOceanário de Lisboa Oceanário de Lisboa

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  1. Wow. The closest I’ve been to any of these beautiful creatures is the Discovery channel on TV. Love your pics!!!

  2. This looks like a beautiful place to visit! I bet its so much more popular now because Lisbon is a hot destination these days.

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