#Mailbox Vol.1 - A Package from Insania

#Mailbox Vol.1 – A Package from Insania

Lately, I have been so lucky to receive some great stuff from different brands in my mailing box. And that’s why it occurred why to me to start writing about it all here on blog and not only sharing it on Instagram (in case you didn’t know there’s a highlighted section with a mailbox hashtags with all the news).

Last weekend started with a special delivery from Insania web shop. Insania is a happy place for those who love ultimate gadgets, toys and other stuff for a creative and full of fun lifestyle. Founded in a year 2000, under the name of Intelidus, this shop’s business has grown insanely fast and changing its name into Insania. Here, you can find everything you “want & need” and “want & don’t need”, from funny and cool gifts for every occasion, to classy accessories and home utilities. Thousands and thousands of products to suite every taste and delivered in just twenty-four hours!

If you are looking for something cool, I suggest checking their website and in case of any purchase, you can even use the ‘BLOOMBL’ promo code to get 5% discount on ANY purchase until 30/06/2018.


Now… what did Insania send to me?

When I opened the package, taa-daaa, there was a hair straightener inside. Not a simple hair straightener, but a straightening steam brush. Well, my hair can be considered straight, but if I wash it and leave it undone, it will look weirdly wavy. Who knows me well, knows that I love experimenting with my hair shape. I love using all kinds of hair tools to curl it, shape it and straighten again.  I have tried (responsibly and respecting my hair health) every type of hair straighteners, except those that included steam technology, despite of their boom in the past year.


In case you are asking yourself what is a steam hair straightener and why is it different from regular ones, here is the answer:

It looks and feels the same as traditional straighteners, except it has bristles inside it and it uses steam, derived from the water in the chamber on the back of the brush, to heat the hair up and straighten it delivering you hair shine and less damaging than traditional ceramic, tourmaline or titanium straighteners. Yes, it does not damage your hair like traditional straighteners, but like any heated hair tool, this one must be used properly with recourse to a good heat protecting spray and treating your hair with conditioning masks to combat dryness.

Using the steam hair straightener is quite easy, but there is a small booklet with the instructions (in Spanish) on how to use it properly.

·         Wash your hair and condition thoroughly;

·         Towel dry hair, apply a serum or hair oil and let it dry naturally or with the help of a hairdryer;

·         Apply a heat protection spray to your hair;

·         Split hair into small sections;

·         Fill your steam straightener up with the required amount of water and plug in, switch on;

·         Allow the tool to heat to your desired temperature;

·         Take the first section at the back and place the steam straightener over the section at the root. Gently pull the straightener through to the bottom, turn in or turn out depending on how you want your ends to fall.

·         Complete the same process around the rest of your hair.


Honestly, I found these instructions very generalized, since it explains the procedures, without focusing on buttons, temperature and steam functions itself, which on my opinion is very important. After having figured the things out I tried this tool on me and what can I say? It is a bit weighty, but I really like it! It straightens the hair right away and leaves it soft to touch, so I really think that if you’re looking for a nice hair straightener, you shall give this one a try!


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    Gostei muito do seu post, vou acompanhar o seu blog/site.

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