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As mentioned on my last post, today and in the next posts I’m going to continue to relate our adventure in Rome.

After enjoying all the view from our balcony and settling in our room, we decided to get over all the stress and tiredness and enjoy our night, dine and walk around the area we would live in for few days.

Trio to Rome, Italy

As the hunger spoke louder and we did not feel like thinking too much, we decided to go to Burger King (which was literally beside the B & B). After dinner, we headed up through Via Leone IV, a very central and busy street with loads os cafés, restaurants and people of all ages. We faced the Musei Vaticani Door, which meant that Piazza San Pietro was nearby. Of course it wouldn’t be so funny, if we’d have no adventures at all and now we were facing a dilemma of which way to go:

Right or Left?

It’s needless to say that we choose the longest and the most difficult path (ideas of my Flávio) which made us wandering through hills, dark alleys, sidewalks that suddenly turned out to be roads and turns that were so tight that we had to almost glue ourselves to the wall to not to be ran over by a car. (In Rome there’s no such expression like “stop and let pedestrians cross the road!”)

After 3 kms around the longest and highest wall of Vatican City, our nightly journey ended. All the grandeur and beauty of the enlightened panorama that appeared before us left us speechless. The visitors influx at that place and especially at that time was just inexplicable.

After enjoying all the enormity and beauty of that place in city lights, we decided to go back to B&B. And what was the surprise when we discovered that St. Peter’s Square was less than 5 minutes away if we had chosen the opposite direction!

Below you can enjoy some photos from that night.

St. Peter's Square by Night

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