Hello Blooming Worlders!
It’s been exactly a year since we decided to head off for a dizzying, yet wonderful three day adventure. And I would like to share it with you. A destination that we both always dreamed to (and loved) visit – Rome, Italy.

Of course it would not be the same if we’d arrived to the airport and there would be no surprises. After having our second breakfast at McDonalds at the airport (our kinda thing), we bought some sunglasses for Flávio. (His sunglasses literally committed a suicide few seconds after we left our home). Later, we head to the Gate and being literally 30 ft. from our airplane, ANA’s employees asked us to go back to the waiting room. Nobody, in fact, found strange that it was past the departure time and one of the pilots leaving the plane with a sad face and asking one of the ANA’s staff for assistance and returning few minutes after with the same facial expression and a tray full of coffees from McDonalds for the whole flight crew.

Our trips would not be the same without some kind of strikes that delayed or canceled or flights. This time, it was luggage assistance strike in Italy. However, the fortune showed some compassion and instead of departing at 11am, we started our journey from Lisbon towards Rome at 1:35pm.

Ryanair Blue Sky

The trip went beautifully, well … except my trouble with dizziness and sitting next to the window, clearly, was not one of the best ideas I ever had. In few minutes, a smiling cabin crew started offering (in exchange for passengers’ euros and credit cards) snacks, beverages and other food. We couldn’t resist to a ham and mozzarella cheese panini. And, of course, a cappuccino made with the use of the most difficult preparation method consisting of mastery of mixing a powder with hot water.

Two and half hours later, a blow underneath the plane followed by a brutal braking, meant that we’ve just landed at Ciampino Airport. We went running out the plane, just to make sure we could pick-up our Roma Passes at the Info Point, that supposed to close at 6pm.

Our first impression of Rome was not the best. When we left the airport and got on a bus, we saw the typical Roman reality – dirt and garbage everywhere. A bizarre scenario that our eyes tried to ignore during the whole stay in the city. After numerous landscapes diversified between typical Italian houses, agricultural fields, industrial areas and Gypsy fairs, and yet, almost an hour by metro we finally reached Ottoviano station – a central and lively neighborhood (even at night).

Finally we arrived at the Ely Ai Musei Vaticani B & B which, to our surprise, proved to be a pleasant place to spend a romantic weekend in Rome. Our room was on the 5th and last floor and offered a small balcony with a view of the Musei Vaticani and yellow and orange Tuscan style buildings that undoubtedly brightened the view. As soon as we opened the red gates of the balcony, we came upon the neighbor of the building in front of us, proudly welcoming us like an Hellenistic Prince Statue in white and grayish underpants.

Italy Ottoviano

In my next posts I will write about our first night adventure with some stunning pictures.

So, stay tuned!

Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde


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  2. Привет, Blooming Blonde! С большим интересом прочла твой пост. Я тоже время от времени путешествую с Ryanair, тоже всякие заморочки случались. Италию люблю, но вот в Риме еще не побывала.

    • Здравствуйте Элеонора! Огромное спасибо за ваш комментарий. Очень рада что сочли мой пост интересным. Чем больше я куда-то путешествую, тем больше замечаю что зморочки и не только с Ryanair, но и даже и с большими авиакомпаниями. А вот Рим советую посетить, особенно если, как вы написали любите Италию!

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