it's almost Christmas

it’s almost Christmas

I’ll never stop to say that December is such a magical time! You can actually feel all the joy in the air. Everyone is getting ready for Christmas, running all way around the malls looking for Christmas presents for their family and friends. Christmas lights and decorations on every corner and music playing the Sinatra’s Christmas songs day by day.

I just love the time when we do our Christmas tree. I remember when me and my sister were little girls, my parents were always trying to choose the biggest pine tree and bring it home. They usually spent a bit of time decorating it with my grandfather’s customized lights (everyone was so handy back in the time), glass balls, icicles and other decorations. There were tinsel and garlands everywhere. And by the end of the night there was always a big box of Kinder Surprise Eggs under the tree. I guess that from where comes my obsession of collecting toys and other stuff.

So, since it is my first Christmas here in the blog, I wanted to share it with you, making it special in its own way with these photos of us decorating our tree. Hope you enjoy them as we did!
Christmas time1Christmas time2Christmas time3 Christmas time4

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