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There’s no day like Monday. Some love it, some think that there’s nothing good about it. The truth is that that feeling of your body weighting a million tones when you try to get out of the bed early in the morning is incomparable. After a relaxing (or not) weekend, you drag yourself on in the zombie mode to the kitchen, grab a cup of coffee and hope for some energy to start your day.

The  truth is that we need something more than just a coffee for a kick to start the week. (I actually understood that after creating this blog). Feeling yourself inspired on a Monday morning, somehow boosts you energy and the mood for the whole week.

And what’s the best way to get your inspiration? Instagram of course!

Here are my “Must see” Instagram Accounts to inspire you for the whole week:

Às Cavalitas do Vento:

Joana Clara is a Portuguese cultural journalist, cameras collector, nature lover and a creator of Às Cavalitas do Vento Blog. Everything she’s so passionate about can be seen through the pictures she shares on her Instagram account.  From stunning boho and healthy lifestyle to beautiful decor tips, her serene images will convey you a sense of clarity and calm for the whole week.


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Когда сказать хочется так много, но не знаешь с чего начать, пиши пост-знакомство, решила я)) Меня зовут Катя Кантовская, мне 30 лет. Я пишу блог Счастье в пути и вожу #душевныеэкскурсии по Лиссабону . Я ВЕРЮ, ЧТО СЧАСТЬЕ В ПУТИ . С детства я грезила дальними странами. Обожала глянцевые журналы и, конечно, в первую очередь читала рубрику про путешествия. А потом случилось чудо. Я выиграла поездку в Таиланд на двоих. Мне было 19 лет. С тех пор моя жизнь круто изменилась. Я успела пожить, в штатах, Китае, Венесуэле и Аргентине и сейчас живу в Португалии. . . По духу я искатель или, как сейчас принято говорить, сканер. Я отказываюсь выбирать и люблю ввязываться в новые проекты. Сейчас всю свою энергию я отдаю двум свои деткам – блогу и душевным экскурсиям по Лиссабону.

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What’s better way to start your Monday than see someone with an energizing smile and so passionate about their work? Katya Kantovskaya is that person! A creator of Isla Margarita &  Way to Stay Blogs, Katya shares some tricks and tips about happiness, travel (believe me, she’s got a huge background about this) and healthy lifestyle on her pages and inspires her readers with her soulful excursions around Lisbon.


Finally, what can inspire us more than a family? The Parrish Palace is all about  being a wife and a mother of three in a radiant and joyful way. With more than 150K followers, Ginger Parrish inspires her readers with her family’s lifestyle, telling all about being happy and enjoying life to the fullest.

These are my inspo fav’s for the week.

I wish you a great week, my Blooming Worlders!

Lots of Love,

Blooming Blonde

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  1. Gostei imenso desta publicação! Os perfis de instagram são muito interessantes. Não conhecia. Obrigada!

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      Fico muito contente, Catarina! Obrigada eu pelo feedback 😀

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