It’s Monday already and it’s time to talk about inspiration for the whole week! I confess that Instagram is full of pretty great accounts, images and, of course, beautiful and unique, in their own way, people. It’s been very hard to choose some of them to be featured here. Usually, as you know, I choose few Instagram accounts I’d love to share with you. But, today, in Inspo Monday post, I would like to talk about just one person – Anastaia Volkova.

A portrait, wedding and travel photographer based in Moscow, Anastasia Volkova, has already been the source of inspiration of my own for some time. I started following her even way before I thought that one day I would make my first steps in the blogging world. Anastasia is a co-founder of Simple+Beyond Magazine, which I mentioned earlier here. Anastasia’s Instagram is full of beautiful shots. These are currently divided between her personal life, colorful adventures around the world, blogging journey and some very elegant photography projects. I say some, because currently, Anastasia is not working as a full-time photographer. Now, she’s more focused on herself and her family. However, she still pleases her followers with her unique photography and editing style. Somehow, Anastasia’s photographs are constantly adding a little bit of sunshine to my feed. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a shot of a simple cream jar ou a model dressed in the most expensive jewelry piece or a dress. All photographs exude a unique sense of elegance, purity and preciousness.


With millions of tons of messages, she receives everyday asking about her photography style, Anastasia started to share tips and tricks about her editing process through her Telegram Channel. The only thing, is that she writes mainly in Russian. But you can always follow her on her Instagram accounts, so you can enjoy and keep track on Anastasia’s beautiful work. Good photographs do not need any words and I highly recommend it!


Below you can also find some other links where you can find Anastasia Volkova ‘s work:
Instagram: @anastasiavolkova / @hungreeharts / @by_anastasiavolkova
Blog / Telegram / VK / Youtube /

I wish you all a great week!
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*Featured Image: Anastasia Volkova

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