So, it’s December already and it’s time to start thinking very seriously about magical Christmas, because it’s official, all cities have already been embellished with huge decorations and have turned on all the lights. But we’re going to talk about decorations and all the Christmassy stuff in the upcoming days. Today, I would like to share with you some Instagram photographs capturing the magical snowing moments.

Gosh, how I really do miss the sound of crackling snow and the frozen air tickling my cheeks. Portugal is a very warm country. You can find some snow in the very northern regions, but where I live, snowing is a quite exotic phenomenon. The most I’ve seen was a frost on my car in the morning. And it made me so happy that, I started running around my car with a happy face shouting that my car had been frozen.

So please, enjoy some snowing captures of random Instagrammers:

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Wish you all a great December!

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