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Monday is a hard day and that’s why I decided to create a column about an inspiration for the whole week. Firstly, I want to write about everything that inspired me to take a decision to set up this Blog and, of course, is still inspiring me to make the most of life!

So, why did I got in the middle of millions and millions of blogs?

I’ve never, actually thought, about getting a blog. No.

I’ve always enjoyed photography. I mean, since I can remember. My dad had an old roll film camera. When I was bored, too bored, I sneaked to his cabinet to grab it and pretended to take pictures. I was so happy when I got my first Reflex Camera, which I still use today. I have a million of pictures that are just kept on a hard-drive. I’ve never shared a most part of them with nobody, ’cause I’m quite shy person and showing something that I did was challenging for me (That’s why I choose being a translator, I thought I could hide behind the dictionaries, books and computer! Nop, didn’t happen!)

Over time, that feeling started to disappear when I got my personal Instagram account. I shared the pictures I took with my smartphone and all I can say that I just love Instagram! I started to discover a lot of profiles with beautiful pictures that led me to know an enormous number of pages and blogs that inspired me to get back to my camera.

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Most of my pictures were about #food

 What pages then?

One of these pages was: Simple+Beyond which is a huge source of inspiration. There’s plenty of material about travel, food, trends, beauty industry, style and just people and all of this is followed by gorgeous photos. If you already know this page, you will totally agree with me. If not, please check their Instagram page for a preview, since the page is written totally in Russian and can’t be read by everyone.

Another of my favorite pages for me are Jacqueline Mikuta’s blog, New Darlings and A Beautiful Mess. If you didn’t know about these and you’re a photography, design, crafts or bautiful things lover, I totally recommend to check them out!

So, why blogging?

The more I read online, the more I wanted to use my camera and share. My Instagram descriptions started to be longer and longer. And after some successful photography projects I made part of, I just woke up one day and said: “Today, I’m going to make a blog!”

An so it happened!

Lots of Love,

Blooming Blonde
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