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Today is a very special day. It’s my dearest hubby’s birthday! Yeeyy! There’s no such a difficult task than to find a perfect birthday for our loved ones year after year. I mean, unless you’re that kind of person who always strikes with their gifts. For me, it’s quite difficult. I am not a “grab the first thing you see” person, I like to offer something that that person would really want to have or need.  Of course finding a perfect gift for your husband shouldn’t be a problem, but in my case it actually is. Firstly he is doesn’t want much and what he really wants and needs, he actually already has it. He loves video games (so do I) and he is just crazy about the Destiny game. And since the Destiny 2 was launched on September,  6th, I thought that giving him something related to the game (since he pre-ordered the actual game few months earlier) seemed to me the perfect idea.

Unfortunately, there are no stores in Portugal that sell this game related merchandise (well, at least at the moment) and every EU store I’ve searched online was based on pre-orders that would take a little bit to be shipped. After hours and hours searching on the web, I somehow found the Insert Coin store.

A high-quality and 100% official video game apparel – designed to help you get your geek on.

The only mission of Insert Coin is to design and produce an official high-quality video game clothing made in collaborations with its developers and publishers.

I taped “Destiny” in the search field, I saw the perfect gift for my Flávio: “The Raid” baseball jacket. It was like 2 in 1 shot! Firstly, it was a baseball jacket and he always wanted one, but never bought. Secondly and most important, it was an OFFICIAL Destiny jacket! And it was available for order and was on sale! It was my lucky day! I didn’t think twice and made my order (I also bought a Borderlands 2 t-shirt for myself and was offered with a free shipping).

I started worrying about the order I made. I mean, before I make an order, usually I search for some reviews and certify myself that a particular online store is trustful. This time I didn’t made my research, and now I was worried. I contacted Insert Coin ‘s customer service and literally few minutes later I received a very, very, very nice response assuring me that there was nothing to worry about and I will receive my order very soon.  So I did! Few days later the mailman brought me the birthday gift for my husband from Insert Coin.

The Jacket is just awesome as it appears to be. It includes an embroided Destiny logo on the left sleeve.

Insert Coin - The Raid Jacket
Also there is an embroided “Raid” logo on chest and embossed logo buttons. A chess pattern interior provides enough warmth on colder days and an inside pocket will assure you that all your most valuable guardian gear will be safely stored inside.
Insert Coin - The Raid Jacket
This is the jacket for the true fan of the Destiny Game and I was sure that Flávio would love it! Of course he did…..and he looks so awesome in this jacket! It surely worth every penny I paid for it!

So…Happy Birthday, my dear hubby! <3

Insert Coin - The Raid Jacket

P.S.: This is not a sponsored post. After discussing this subject with some “gaming” friends, I reached the conclusion that few people in Portugal actually know about Insert Coin store. And since I really loved my experience in buying from their website, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share it. If you like video games or know someone who does and if you want some unique and a high-quality merchandising for gamers, you should totally have a look on Insert Coin Clothing website.  

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