Travel Essentials: This is why J-Pillow is now my companion to travel


Ok, it’s Springtime. Which means everyone is about to travel somewhere or are starting to plan their summer vacations. It’s a nice time to enjoy warm weather and visit places at affordable prices, whether it is another country, city or a village just a few miles away from where you’re living.

Having a comfortable journey is a key to start enjoying the place you’re visiting more quickly instead of lying down on the hotel room (of course if your staying in one) “resting a bit” from those hours on the road, flight or train.

Last time, I travelled abroad I’d spent some hours inside a plane, so, like many other travelers, I decided to bring a travel pillow with me, the u-shaped pillow, because, you know, everyone is using it and I would be able to comfortably sleep during the flight. Once I put it on my neck and shoulders, I instantly regretted it. I couldn’t find any good position to use that travel pillow. Whatever side I tried to lean my head on, it felt weird and claustrophobic. I couldn’t relax my neck muscles in any way, so I end up carrying it in my hands for nothing for the rest of my trip.

Recently, I was able to try the J-Pillow, the J-shaped pillow and British Invention of the Year award winner, which was designed at home by a Virgin Airlines flight attendant, Gemma Jensen, with the idea of helping people to get the best rest possible on travel.


So, you ask, why do I really like my J-Pillow?

I think everyone needs to consider some important points when buying your comfort companion for travel and here are my three major reasons why J-Pillow is a perfect companion for travel.

1.       Support
This is important! The J-Pillow securely supports the head at the ear level and consequently the neck and your chin, keeping it upright, so you can relax the muscles and sleep with major comfort.

2.       Softness
The pillow is made from a plush and soft materials. So, it feels good to use it and lean against it, without fearing that you will have your pillow projected on your face. Also, it is a machine-washable, so you can not worry about of if gets dirty during your trip.

3.       Convenience
It is easy to use, super compact and pretty light. It comes with a carry bag and can be secured to the suitcase. It comes with instruction about how to use and how to store it in the bag after use. The J-shaped pillow can be confusing on the first try, but as soon as you get through the instructions you will actually enjoy its various ways of usefulness.

In conclusion, if you are a travelling person or a daily commuter, then J-Pillow Travel Pillow is something I would advise you to check (you can do it right here) since it is a really great and comfortable option for your life on travel.

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