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Hello Blooming Worlders!
Everyone who follows this blog knows how much I love photography. I can’t live without taking a pic of something, even if it’s something pretty banal. Technological improvement allowed us to capture our most precious moments with a help of great quality smartphone cameras, without the need of carrying around bulky cameras and lenses (this is if we want to give our photographs an artistic touch). Sharing some of those moments live on our social media. In the past, pictures were developed and were included, for years, in albums and, from time to time were flicked through. Reminding us of the moments and faces that are far away from us, or, even, are not among us. Today everything is stored on a hard drive and I confess, that sometimes I actually forget about its existence. And we’re not going to talk about when that hard drive actually breaks down and, unfortunately, all of those moments just vanish.
Fortunately, Saal Digital Portugal offered me an opportunity to keep my… memories alive with its great quality and excellent services – a digital photo book which will revive the memories and make me flicker the book through over and over again, whenever I look at the bookshelf on our living room.

What’s Saal Digital?

For those, who don’t know, Saal Digital é is a service that shares its big passion, enthusiasm, professionalism and motivation for photography with its clients, producing products related to the world of photography, like photo books, digital albums and personalized decoration and fine. All of these with the greatest quality, professionalism, quickness and efficiency.

I did not hesitate when I received the offer for a product test from Saal Digital Portugal. I’ve been planning to make my own photo books for a long time…Well, for all the reasons I mentioned before. And that’s why I accepted the opportunity and started the adventure of photo books with Saal Digital Portugal.
Remember our trip to Paris? Well, I decided to start from that point.
Saal Digital Portugal offers free software for creating and ordering your product. It’s quite easy to use and there are a lot of customizing options that suit every need and preference, including paper and cover types, among other options. (Also there’s a tool for professionals which allows them to have an even more customized experience and submit and order content designed using other software).
Prepared my photos using Lightroom beforehand, however, I gave freedom to the provided software to combine all my photos together.

Just over an hour later (because I actually spend time exploring the software options and adjusting photo dimensions, etc., etc.,), I completed my order.

A curious and very useful thing that this service makes available is a prediction tool that shows us when we will receive our order. In my case, and taking into consideration that everything is made in Germany, it took my photo book two days to be produced and three days to be delivered. Also, all the information about your order status and shipping is available on their website.

I was so excited when I got my photo book. How it was? Are the photos blotchy? Will I like it?

One thing is certain! Saal Digital cares a lot about the customers receiving their orders in a very good condition, without any damages which could deteriorate our photographs. My photo book was pretty well packaged in a recyclable card envelope and, even wrapped, in a padded protection sheet.
I took it out of the envelope and was amazed. A book full of stories from one of our adventures in A5 format and the glossy cover was now in my hands. Its quality is quite impressive. None of the images has actually lost their quality, not only in definition but also in their gamut, which is quite amazing, considering that in some cases (and my personal experience) colours tend to be more blurred after printing. Also, the photo book has a 180º opening, which is so great for two paged panoramic photos. The image remains preserved, without losing its graphic details because of folding and cutting.

So, check the results:

Saal Digital PortugalSaal Digital PortugalSaal Digital PortugalSaal Digital Portugal

So what do you think? Got curious about Saal Digital Portugal? Also, they offer you a 30 euros voucher to test their products and you can find mor information about that here.

Have a great week!
Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde

*In collaboration with Saal Digital Portugal

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  1. I’ve never heard of Saal Digital before so thank you for introducing them to us so eloquently. Memories hold a special place in everyone’s heart and to be able to preserve them in a beautiful way is wonderful. I will definitely check out this service. Great post.

    Kia |

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