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Hello Blooming Worlders,
Today, I will finally finish talking about our journey in Rome. There is plenty of stuff to see and to do and we had literally just one day for everything. As you remember from my previous posts, we arrived in Rome quite late to go enjoy some views, except in the neighbourhood.

We came out of bed early and despite of Elizabetta (a B&B owner) leaving some cakes and coffee, we decided to have breakfast in a café nearby and start our run against the clock at the Vatican Museum.

Travel Tip nº1: Please buy your tickets online beforehand on the official website. It will spare a lot of your precious time, patience and money. ‘Cause, c’mon, more than 3 hours in a queue? You will be so desperate and you’ll eventually fall into a trap and buy a 16 euros ticket for 60-70€ from “local guide” scammers. (And trust me, there’s a lot of them!)

Rome, Italy

We saw the whole museum in three hours. One thing I am sure of, is it’s so huge and amazing! And if by chance, you’re in Rome, please do not hesitate and visit it.

It was lunch time already when we got out of the museum. The good thing is that there are a lot of restaurants, cafés and ice-cream shops for all kinds of tastes. The most difficult task is to choose one. We chose Il Cappuccino Ripassato. A nice place to eat some pasta and pizza’s and for dessert, a creamy ice-cream.

Next stop: Castel Sant’ Angelo, Navona Square, Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi and, finally, Colosseum.

Roma, Italy

Tired from walking so much but satisfied with all things we saw, photographed and enjoyed during the day, we came back to our room and decided to have dinner somewhere near. We saw Amalfi Restaurant on the map and it couldn’t be a better choice. We just fell in love with their pizzas cooked in a firewood oven. And this will be our first choice once we’ll back in Rome.

Travel Tip nº2: Take a sun protector with you if you’re about to walk around Rome. In another case, you’ll end up your day with a lobster face and a trucker tan.

Travel Tip nº3: Drink a lot of water. But do not buy it from vending machines, street food stands or cafés. The prices are quite inflated. Instead, do not throw away a bottle you’ve just finished. Re-use it, filling it up from a Nasone – a public water fountain all over the city.

So, this was our dizzying trip to Rome. I hope you enjoyed it.
Also, I would like to know about your travel stories.

Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde

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  1. Ох, официальный сайт Ватикана скорее всего не сильно поможет. Когда были в Риме, очередь стояла из тех, кто купил на оф. сайте. В итоге мы покупали через стороннюю компанию и прошли за 3 минуты потратив время только на обязательный досмотр) в блоге писала у себя подробно об этом)

    1. Да вы что?
      Мы когда билеты покупали и нас было назначено время для входа. Мы просто подошли ко входу показали онлайн билет охраникам и прошли без всяких проблем и очередей. Конечно Мы видели много людей которые купили билеты онлайн и просто вставали в живую очередь и ждали по 2-3 часа, не зная что им просто можно пройти.

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