#Mailbox vol.2: Pixi Beauty Eye Reflections Shadow Pallete


There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a package in your mailbox. But… This feeling turns out to be even more indescribable when you actually see a surprise package full of make-up sent to you by one of the girliest brands – Pixi Beauty.

I am pretty sure that you all have already heard about Pixi Beauty brand. However, for those who, for instance, did not, I’d like to make a brief introduction to the brand.

About Pixi Beauty:

Pixi Beauty or Pixi by Petra is a skincare and makeup brand created by Petra Strand over 20 years ago and focused on creating innovative formulas using botanicals and beneficial ingredients in their products to create a naturally radiant look. As stated at Pixy Beauty website:

Pixi’s mission (…): simply to bring out the natural beauty in all women – to make women look like themselves, only better. Flawless in a few fuss-free minutes – that’s what Pixi is all about!

Pretty simple and no more words are needed! So, what did I get in the package?

What I got, was actually a Valentine’s Day gift from Pixy Beauty – two eye shadow palettes and a brush kit in a vintage-green case beautifully packaged in a pink PR box.

Pixi Beauty Eyeshadow Palette Review

Pixi Beauty Brush

These eye shadow palettes, namely Reflex Light and Natural Beauty, are two new addition to the range, both containing 12 shades of silky mineral shadows in different textures and cost £24 (about 27€) each. The Reflex Light palette includes light and deep shimmery shades, while the Natural Beauty palette includes a mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows – a perfect solution for those who love smokey and natural looks.

Pixi Beauty eyeshadow palette

Shades included in Reflex Light Palette:
Vanilla Glitz, Nude Lustre, Gold Foil, Pink Lustre, Vintage Gold, Brilliant Bronze, 3D Peach, Auburn Blaze, Copper Penny, Antique Bronze, Chestnut Glimmer and Cocoa Glaze.

Shades included in Natural Beauty Palette:
Sheer Sand (matte); Metal Mauve (shimmer); Petal (shimmer); Antique Rose (shimmer); Rose Clay (matte); Metallic Rose (shimmer); Deep Taupe (matte); Foiled Bronze (shimmer); Soft Brown (matte); Chocolate Brown (matte); Cocoa Shimmer (matte); Bronze Gleam (shimmer);

Pixi Beauty Eye Shadow Palette Review

The last one is definitely my favourite, due to its “natural” tones. It can be easily usable every day both during the day and at night, providing your eyes with that pop of colour and glow. All shades are amazingly blend-able, which makes it pretty easy to create great and different looks with just afew sweeps and these palettes are pretty long-lasting, too. And of course, applying these shades using appropriate and the softest brushes included in the PR box from PIXI Beauty is a great pleasure.


Eye Reflections Shadow Palette – Reflex Light
Eye Reflections Shadow Palette – Natural Beauty

Many thanks to  Pixi Beauty for this beautiful gift!


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*Disclaimer: This post does not contain any affiliated links. There’s nothing like treating your skin with something new…

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