Photowall: Wall murals and a new dining space


Spring is the perfect time to add something freshly new to our life. This time, with the help from Photowall brand, we finally made the decision to go with the renewal of our dining space, using very high quality wallpapers sent directly from Sweden.

Everyone knows, that Sweden is a synonym for sustainability and functionality in every aspect from designing point of view. When we hear about something that was made in Sweden, we know that it will look simple, good and elegant and is not an exception. So what’s Photowall is after all?

It is a company which shares its passion for highly designed and environmentally friendly wallpapers and canvas prints. There are designs for every room and every taste, from minimal pattern to colorful florals and modern prints. There are thousands of options to choose from, but you can also upload your own image and just wait a few days to have it printed and delivered to you.

The order process is quite simple, the most difficult task is to choose something you like (and believe me there are a plenty of design you will fall in love with).
We always wanted to stand out in our dining area (since it’s a part of our living room) with raw and stoned accents. So we focused our attention on these designs. Once we have chosen the right pattern and colour, we measured our wall, put the dimensions on the site and pressed order. One of the things I was amazed, is how quickly Photowall staff works. We made our order on Sunday and it was dispatched right on Monday.


A few days later I got my package with wallpaper in it.  Premium quality, very soft and nice to touch and a very high-quality image definition. The brand includes a wall paste with your order and if it’s necessary they’re also selling an application toolkit, so you do not have to worry about anything, but get in a home renewal mood. The wallpaper comes in just one roll, but with cut marks, according to you wall height, specified during the order process. All you have to do is cut it by yourself in smaller rolls, mix the wall paste powder in water and start to apply the your wallpaper to the wall. Photowall has all the instructions available on their website, including a simple vídeo tutorial on how to apply their products on the wall.PhotowallPHotowall Photowall

Since I have a broken foot, we decided to make this a family activity and called my parents to help. Et voilà! A few hours later, please meet our new dining space. What do you think? has a great surprise for you: 20% OFF your next order! Just use the code :


This promo is available only until the end of April, so if you’re thinking about makin some changes in your home, studio or work space, Photowall is your answer! (Free Shipping in EU).


*This post is sponsored by Photowall.


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