Dogs in Reastaurants

Some days ago every newspaper or internet magazine headline was talking about government approval about restaurants becoming more pet friendly and allowing our dear pets in restaurants, coffee shops and esplanades. To be honest, I had some mixed feelings when I heard the news.  I didn’t know if I was happy about this idea or just hated it. The truth is that people are continuously looking for a place where their furry baby could be welcome and enjoy their time without leaving their pet home alone for too long. Working for the whole week and leaving your pet again alone at home is always a struggle. If you’re a pet owner, especially, a dog owner you know that that look they give you, those puppy eyes, just tear your heart apart.

Pet friendly restaurants are becoming more and more an restaurant industry trend…

On the one hand, allowing pets in restaurants is a pretty awesome idea. Imagine, you’re walking with your dog and passing through a restaurant you sense a freshly grilled hamburger smell filling your nostrils. And a sudden desire to eat it, won’t be killed by the “oh I can’t…I’m with the dog” expression anymore. That’s good thing, right? So, suddenly a walking out dog person is turned out into a costumer. That’s even better for local business. This is one of the reasons why Pet friendly restaurants are becoming more and more an restaurant industry trend in other countries, so why does the title say it won’t work, you ask? It’s working pretty well in other countries…what’s the big deal?

The answer is simple: Because of the owners.

As a dog owner, it’s been a pretty great responsibility taking my dog to public places. For example, for more than a year, every Saturday, I’ve been attending a local coffee shop and having my breakfast with my dog. The coffee shop has an esplanade which permitted me to stay there for a while, in the way that Pelucha couldn’t disturb anyone with her presence. There are people that do not like animals, children or other people. But attending a public location, we have to make it easier for everyone to tolerate. So, no matter how much I want my dog going everywhere with me, I need to think of the people surrounding, despite most of them not giving a single damn thing about us.

I know my dog is well behaved in regard to answering nature’s call. In other words, she doesn’t shit where she eats. But she does not tolerate strangers very well and she gets pretty impatient if I stay there a little bit longer. There’s always consideration from my side in putting and holding her, so she won’t be able to bark at and disturb anyone.  But not all the dogs are like mine. Not all the owners are like me. I’ve met constantly barking, trying to get into a fight with other dogs and peeing all the corners of the esplanade. Ok, it’s nature. Territory marking and so on. But the worst part of it are their owners. And none of them actually cared. Even worse, they’d look angrily at you or at the coffee shop employee, if there’d be any reprehensible comment in their respect. People allege they have the right to be there, but having a right doesn’t mean you can behave like a total jerk, not considering everything surrounding them. Civic-mindedness above all, maybe? No? Nop! I watched the same show over and over until one day (exactly, two days after the pet-friendly approval) I found a “Dogs Not Allowed” sign in a coffee shop.

But back to the new pet friendly approval. It not only allows the dogs to get into the restaurants. It presumes all kinds of pets: dogs, cats, rats, parrots… Now, you can even bring your porky pig to the restaurant if you want, but if you are taking the plunge your porky will end on the skewer….Sad, but true! Can you imagine the chaos if everyone brings their pet to the restaurant? Exactly!

So yeah, on the one head it’s a very good idea….but on other… I really prefer to leave my pup at home and enjoy my meal in peace. What about you?

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