Hello Blooming Worlders!

Some days ago Pelucha got a surprise in her mail box: a Barkyn Box!

What’s a Barkyn and a Barkyn Box?

Barkyn is a growing online service in Portugal and Spain, which offers a very good quality food and health products for your dog, followed by a simple, convenient and personalized service.

The Barkyn box is a kind of a lootcrate for dogs which contains 5 or 7 good quality goodies (snacks and a toy) perfectly targeted to the size of your pet. You can buy only one box whenever you want. You can also subscribe to it (3 or 6 months subscription) and receive it in your mailbox every month.
Furthermore, the company offers a meal to a stray dog for every box sold.

I started following Barkyn on a Facebook few months ago and was impressed by a lot of positive feedback from its costumers. However I only decided to order the box few days ago, because I wanted something different to spoil my dog (And totally nailed it!).

What’s in the box?

When ordering you have a few options to choose from: A Barkyn Box for small, medium and large dogs or just a box full of snacks.

I’ve ordered a Barkyn Box for medium dogs and this is what Pelucha got:

All of these wrapped with a lot of care and love!

The box’s total is worth between 22-25 € and what you actually pay ordering from Barkyn is 16€ (+ shipping: 3,90€). And subscribing to a newsletter, you’ll get discount codes and other offers.
The delivery is pretty fast. Shortly after I made my order, I received a notification about the shipment. There was no tracking number, which is quite unusual for me. But as soon as I got my package, I understood that there’s no need having one, because you’ll get your order delivered in a simple, modern and eco-friendly package literally on the next day! What a great surprise!

The reaction…

As soon as I get home with an extra bag from any store, my four-legged customs inspector rummages it all the way out. This time was different. As soon as I showed her the package she sniffed it and sit patiently waiting for me to open  the paper bag.

Needless to say that as soon as I opened the box, she just exploded with happiness, trying to get all content out of the box and start playing with a new toy. I actually made a deal with her. She could only get her new stuff, if she’d let me take some pictures of her for the blog! How well do you think she did?

As a verdict, I wanted to say that I am really surprised and she’s really satisfied with this order.
The Barkyn Box is the great solution for everyone who wants surprise their dog with some goodies. For me, it’s a great solution! I don’t need overthink anymore about what I shall get for her Birthday or Christmas (Yes, I am that kind of an owner! :D).

Also, Barkyn service offers high-quality products for your dog and I really recommend checking their website.

Lots of Love,

Blooming Blonde.

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