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Today I decided to add a new category to my page and what is the best way to start to talk about? My very temperamental pup!

Pelucha is a 6 years old Tibetan Terrier. I got her when she was only two months old. Firstly, I was about to adopt a dog, I saw on a Facebook page. But when I convinced my parents to get it (literally on the day after I saw the post) and I saw the update post that the dog had passed away. I felt so sad, but later that day, my friend called me and said that one of her relative’s dog just had puppies and she was certain that I would love to bring one of them home. And two months after, I was there. I did not choose her. She was already waiting for me. This was the first time I saw here. With greyish fur. The fluffiest thing in the whole world. She liked my nose, as soon as I got her in my arms. She was supposed to be a small-sized dog, however, lucky as I am, this little one grew a little bit more than I expected.

Pelucha – an unusual name…

It was and wasn’t difficult to choose her name. People usually frown when I say her name, but once I explain to them its meaning, it suddenly makes the whole sense.

Peluche, just as in Russian and Portuguese, means a stuffed animal toy. Well, I think there’s no need to explain more, right? 😀

A very temperamental dog…

Pelucha is a very playful, yet calm dog. She loves swimming and chasing butterflies, bees and birds in our backyard. Also, she loves being chased by her owners during the fetch game.

She’s very lovely with other dogs, but sometimes she can even show her teeth to other dogs, but only when they first ones to show some fierce to her. She can be quite bossy not only to other dogs, but to us too, and so stubborn and manipulative (I can say “No” a million times, but she ends up getting her extra snacks anyway). She’s very loyal (as every dog is, duuh!) and so affectionate, that she’ll cover you with kisses as soon as you come home.

Also, she’s quite skilled with her paws, it doesn’t matter if she’s using them to hold objects, open the doors, switch on lights, “comb” your hair to wake you up and just push your hand to rub her belly.

She’s not perfect…

Despite her fluffiness and loveliness, she’s very suspicious of humans. She’ll never get near to you, neither let you pet her. If you try so, prepare yourself for one hour of barking at least! She also suffers from separation anxiety, which is very typical for its breed. She barks when we leave the house, but stops quickly because she founds something to entertain with, especially if you forgot to store your slippers. In this case, you’ll need to stop at the store and pick some, before you come home.

A very curious thing about her is that she hates taking pictures. When she sees a smartphone or camera pointing at her, she stops doing whatever she’s doing and goes away. So the pictures you see here, were bribed by a lot of jerky snacks.

She’s not perfect, but she’s our little “monster” and we can’t imagine our lives without her!

Lots of Love,

Blooming Blonde

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