Hello Blooming Worlders!
I got a few surprises last week. I received a pretty package with Marshall Major II headphones!

My Marshall story

I’m quite familiar with the Marshall brand. I’m quite familiar with its products that accompany musicians across the globe for over half a century. And this is because of my past as a musician.

Being on the road, I had the pleasure to try on and play gigs with some Marshall Amplifiers, despite my personal preference of surrendering to another brand. However, this experience taught me to recognize THAT characteristic of Marshall’s sound!

Marshall Major II Package

So, the Marshall Major II

Despite the official product launch in 2015, these headphones are still pretty trendy nowadays. You can find them in every Tech store. Their elegant, folding and flexible design provides an even more comfortable fit, while a detachable coil cord cable with inline remote control and microphone provides a seamless operation with your smartphone.

This model offers an enriched bass response and detailed performance. However, you may feel “too much bass” in some cases, so I hardly recommend adjusting the EQ settings on your device, in order to enjoy all the potential of these headphones and eliminate a muffling sensation.

Marshall Major II - Closeup

All I can say is that these are great headphones, both in terms of characteristics and the value (99€). However, they do not include a carrying pouch or a case. And this is, in my opinion, a big fail. (Especially, because Marshall does not sell any as accessories). It turns out difficult to carry them anywhere. For me, wearing them all day long on my neck or holding them in my hands, makes it a bit uncomfortable. And I have no courage to just throw them into my bag.  The true is that, these headphones offer a great sound quality and make me feel like that “rock chick” I used to be, as soon as I put them on my head. And this is just awesome!

Total rock with Marshall Major II

But, there’s still a “but”! I still can’t get used to them and it’s more practical for me to put my old in-ears in my bag. I guess it’s just a matter of habit!

What about you, my reader? Share your thoughts!

Lots of Love,

Blooming Blonde.

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    1. These are pretty stylish headphones with some vintage touch. I was also very reticent about them, but actually they do not look bulky on a head, like some headphones available on the market. I’m pretty sure you will like them, Courtney, when you try them on. The only thing is that it takes some time to get used to them (especially when using only in-ears). Thank you for your comment, Courtney! 😀

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