Maminat – Natural Cosmetics Range Review

Maminat Natural Skincare
Today, I will tell you about a brand of natural cosmetics – Maminat – a brand with 100% natural products of high quality, produced for anyone, regardless of age and gender.

In recent years, the concept of natural cosmetics has won back its place as a standard concept in the world of Beauty. Products with a list of natural ingredients have been increasingly sought after by consumers to prioritize their health, thus avoiding the use of parabens, sulfates and other agents, leaving aside, of course, the issue of ecology and sustainability. And so, even today, I will tell you about a brand of natural cosmetics – Maminat – a brand with 100% natural products of high quality, produced for anyone, regardless of age and gender.

The story of Maminat began in the kitchen of Natalia Olma, the founder of the brand, in 2017. When she was diagnosed with cosmetic acne – a skin reaction to the use of conventional cosmetics – Natalia decided to study cosmetology to be able to develop her formulas using extracts from flowers, plants and cold-pressed essential oils. All Maminat products are manufactured from Mediterranean ingredients produced in Spain, are cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, do not contain any toxic elements and are carefully put in reusable packaging.

The brand offers four categories of products: skincare products, body care, hair care and makeup. I chose products from different categories to try because after some research on the brand I could not stay indifferent and focused only on a single category and so I received the Eye Contour Cream, the Shampoo for Oily Hair and Fluid Foundation.

Maminat – Eye Controur Cream

It’s funny how the brand focuses only on the simplicity and objectivity of its products, without assigning a specific designation to its products, as happens in other brands. The naming of this cream is simple and straightforward: Eye Contour Cream – this is a product that has aroused my curiosity.

Firstly, because the eye contour is the most problematic area as it is a more sensitive area and this cream promised a set of solutions to different problems, such as dark circles, lack of elasticity, chats, etc., and secondly because it is one of the winning products of the Organics Clean Awards. I confess that when I opened the cream bottle on the day of its receipt, I was sceptical. The cream has a very dense and heavy texture, which made me frown because I’m used to using very light products for this particular area and everything indicated at first glance that this was a very heavy cream. What was my surprise when I tried it I realized that this fact was nothing but an illusion. Once applied, the cream becomes quite light and is fastly absorbed by the skin, providing a lasting moisturizing effect. It does not cause any discomfort, nor irritations and after a few days of use, I was able to note, in fact, some difference in the intensity of dark circles and elasticity of the skin.

Maminat – Shampoo for Oily Hair

Another winner of the Organics Clean Awards, this time in the category of Shampoos for Oily Hair, this shampoo does not contain sulfates, parabens and silicones, but different types of plants, such as lavender, rosemary, nettle and mint, which favour the structure of the hair, providing more strength, volume and brightness.

This shampoo has a wonderful smell! I’m not a fan of lavender at all, but peppermint can neutralize the intensity of lavender, providing a very smooth and pleasant smell. Maminat products are handmade products and convey some sense of familiarity during their use.

It’s funny how every time I open the cream or use the shampoo, these products transport me for the holidays at my grandmother’s house who always had a tube of moisturizing cream that was called “moisturizing cream for children” that had a similar smell to the smell of the eye contour cream and of my grandmother making a nettle tea to for hair after each wash for an additional shine and freshness. And it was exactly that feeling that I had when using the shampoo for the first time.

In general, shampoo provides the desired effect on the control of oil and volume, even on days of higher humidity.

Maminat – Fluid Foundation

Lately, I’ve been experiencing bad luck when it comes to choosing a foundation for my day-to-day makeup. Foundation of all price ranges, and quality, and it’s been quite difficult for me to find something suitable for my skin, which at the moment, is a bit capricious. And as soon as I heard that Maminat includes, in its product range, fluid foundation, I couldn’t resist.

In all, Maminat offers four more universal shades that can be adapted to each shade of skin. It is a fluid foundation, which promises a natural and durable finish, and it also incorporates SPF 20.

It is a base with a very light finish but can reach a medium-high coverage with an increase in the amount of the product. It can be applied easily and spreads very well on the skin with the help of a brush or a sponge. It leaves the skin looking quite natural and smooth, and it does not leave that “heavy” feeling that we are wearing some kind of makeup on the face.

As for its duration, the first time I tried the foundation, I used it for 5 hours, without retouching the makeup and was quite pleased with the result – it is a good foundation to use on “natural look” days.

In general, I was very surprised and satisfied with the Maminat product range I tried and for that, I thank the brand for sending me these lovely products. I put, once again, the link to the brand’s online store so that you can peek at your product catalogue and try the products you’ll feel curious about the most – Maminat.


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