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Hello Everyone!
Today I added one more new category to my blog. I am not a beauty, neither a fashion blogger. However, as a woman I just love all kind of a fancy and trendy stuff. Of course, all of this is a part of my lifestyle, but somehow I wanted to give it a highlight and add it to a new category and call it “Some Trendy Stuff”.
I do not use a lot of facial creams and other facial treatments, foundations, lipsticks and eye shadows. My early morning ritual resumes to Benefit Moisturizer, Garnier BB Cream, a black eye pencil and mascara and a little bit of a Burberry Perfume.
Last weekend I felt like I needed to try something new on my skin. Every time a looked at me it seemed that the skin on my face was quite dull. I urgently needed something to detox and energize my skin, so I headed to Sephora store (and I love it so much) and decided to give a try to something a little bit more expensive. To be honest, I got from the store a bunch of Sephora Brand Masks and testers, however, I decided to surrender to a Korean Beauty Trend and buy a Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo from Caolion.

Caolion Duo Pack

My Verdict…

I have a mixed to oily skin and until the present moment I haven’t found yet a perfect solution for it. I was really excited about to try this on me. And all I can say that this one is an absolutely fantastic product for my skincare routine. I saw the great result after the first use.
The top portion of the pack is based on charcoal powder, containing exfoliating granules, giving this product a multi-functional edge. You scrub your face with this product for a minute and then leave it on as a scrub for about 5-10 minutes. It provides a steaming effect to your skin and extracts the excess of sebum and cleans your pores.

The lower portion of the pack is the cooling mask. It tightens up enlarged pores, calming, revitalizing and soothing troubled skin effectively. It’s a great product for a sensitive skin. It causes no reaction or reddening, however, it might seem quite aggressive, because it’s really, really, REALLY tingly and cold. But after 10-15 minutes your skin feels very clean and refreshed.

Caolin Mask content

It’s also very important to say that Caolion is a cruelty-free brand and it makes all the commitment to be a natural brand.

So give it a try!

Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde

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