Francesinha ao almoço

Hello Blooming Worlders,
Today is the day when I  finally ate “Francesinha” after several failed attempts.

What’s “Francesinha” you ask? It is a sandwich originally from Porto made with fillet steak, ham and smoked sausage covered with cheese, a spicy sauce and garnished with french fries. To be honest, there are plenty of restaurants that serve it, but many of them end up being no less than an attempt to reproduce this plate and making more than 300 km to Porto every time we want to go out and have some “Francesinha” is off limits!

A friend of a friend of ours introduced us to a very reserved snack bar in Pinhal Novo, just a few dozen kilometres from our home, that serves the best sandwiches in the area – “A Maiata”.

It serves various snacks and meals and has three types of “Francesinha” sandwiches: Medium, Regular and a Super one. The last one is a very big-sized sandwich and it comes with some shrimp on the top. Menus are quite affordable: about 20-25 euros for two persons (beverage included). It also has a takeaway option.

When we tried some, we absolutely loved them! The “Francesinhas” look and taste deliciously, and we think about them almost every week.

Francesinha ao almoço

So why failed attempts you ask?

Because for the last two months whenever we wanted to eat some “Francesinhas”, it was closed. Either they did not serve dinner that day or it was the day off! What a great disappointment for us, of course. (Our fault, who does not see opening hours, before leaving a house?).

But we did it today!

So if you’re interested here are some details:

“A Maiata” Snack-Bar 
Rua Fernando Lopes Graça, Lote 2
2955-023 Pinhal Novo, Palmela
Tel. (+315) 21 809 0545

Opening Hours:

Mon: Closed
Tue – Sat: 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Sun: 11:30 AM to 4 PM

Lots of Love,

Blooming Blonde

A Maiata Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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