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So, it’s November, we have all already started planning our Christmas festivities, maybe already decorated our homes and workplaces or are thinking about doing so in a few days. I bet there’s a day we are also looking forward to – Black Friday – the day we can actually buy some stuff for a much cheaper price and, thus, save some money. And today’s post is about Black Friday Deals worth buying.

Black Friday for beauty lovers:

For those who want to anticipate their quest for the perfect beauty gift, Black Friday is a perfect time to buy perfumes, makeup and skincare products, as you can buy things for much lower prices.

For example, Foreo, the most wanted pricey beauty device brand, is offering up to 50% off their products.

Huge beauty resellers as Notino, Sephora and Lookfantastic will offer up to 40% on cosmetics, and an extra discount on selected products.

My favourite brands Pixi Beauty and Facetheory, are offering 25% off their products and you can still get an additional 20% discount by using the Facetheory promo code “BBLOOMWORLD20” during your purchase.

Black Friday Deals for getting clothes and accessories:

As usual, mass-market brands like Zara, Bershka, Pull& Bear and Mango will offer up to 50% on their products, so if you want to buy new clothing or accessories for your corporate Christmas gatherings or family dinners, before the official sales season, prepare your shopping cart beforehand so you don’t miss something you like for a lower price.

For those who seek techy deals:

Virtual Assistants

For those who would love to get a Virtual Assistant for your home, this is a great time for purchasing one. These devices are pretty cool, I purchased Google Home Mini last year to be installed in my kitchen to listen to music while cooking, and it was THE BEST purchase I ever made. And as I said before, this is the best time to purchase one.

For example, Amazon applied massive discounts on their Echo devices, so you can purchase the Alexa powered assistants starting from 18.99€.

Apple Devices

Similarly to the last year, Apple is going to offer gift-card vouchers, starting from 50€, to their clients who’ll buy their products directly from Apple Store.

For coffee lovers

If you’re seeking a brand-new coffee machine for you or as a Christmas gift for someone special, Nespresso is offering up to 50% off their coffee machines and other accessories worth buying.

These are a few suggestions of Black Friday deals. Make wise decisions and enjoy your Black Friday Deals shopping!


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