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The path to the perfect skincare product range is always long and thorny. Let’s be honest, choosing the right product from tens of millions products available  on the market sounds like almost overwhelming task.  For this reason, most of us, including me, are constantly trying on a huge number of skincare resources, reading blogs and web articles about them but unfortunately most of them end up not showing the desired results.

Lately, I’ve been receiving some beauty products in my mailbox. Most of them I order online and some of them are sent to me by some brands for testing purposes.

Today, I would like to share with you a really nice skincare brand which I’ve been testing for over a month and which turned out to take a place among my favorite skincare products, and I am talking about Jowaé brand.

Jowaé  is the first phytoactive skincare brand from Alès Groupe , which you probably have already heard of from Instagram (or already saw it on Pharmacies shelves). The main purpose of this brand is to restore skin balance from daily aggressions and bring back its natural harmony through natural ingredients skincare product range. And I really like to say that the products I’ve tried from Jowaé line nicely care of and ideally deal with the protection task of our skin.

1. Jowaé: Clarifying Mineral Mask

Clarifying Mineral Mask is a part of complementary care range and its main purpose is to clarify, uniform and smooth the skin. With white tea as main ingredient, this mask is transparent and has a sticky gooey texture. You actually can barely see it on the skin once applied, but you can feel the mineral micro particles gently exfoliating the skin removing all the impurities.

This mask can be used twice a week, applying just a thin layer of the mask on the skin and gently massaging it during one minute.  Let it actuate for about thirty seconds and wash it away with water.

You can purchase the Clarifying Mineral Mask from here for 15,89€.

2. Jowaé: Hydrating Water Mist

This is definitely my favorite piece from this range. I fell in love with this product from the moment I sprayed it over my face. With the cherry blossoms as the main ingredient, this hydrating water mist smells divinely and instantly provides hydration to the skin. It became my savior during the rough hot weather, bringing the vague of freshness touch to my skin once sprayed.

The only thing is that there’s no travel size option to use it during the day, while you’re not at home. Let’s be honest, bringing 200 ml bottle with you every day can be a bit difficult.

You can purchase the Hydrating Water Mist from here for 8,90€.

3. Jowaé: Hand & Nail Nourishing Cream

Who does not love a good care product for hands? Yes, this is exactly my point. Although there’s a lot to choose from and I have already tried innumerous hand creams from different brands and at the most affordable to highest price ranges, I think that Hand & Nail Nourishing Cream from Jowaé earned it is place in my heart. Containing Camellia oil, this cream greatly nourishes, repairs and protects my hand, reinforcing the nail structure, whenever I need it.

In case you are interested, you can buy this cream here for 5,90€.

*Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Jowaé brand and all the links that are presented here and are not affiliated in any way to Jowaé brand. The opinion expressed in this post is my own and is solely for informative purposes.


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