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Hello Blooming Worlders,

Well, it’s last day in Paris and we left the best for the last day: The Louvre Museum and Notre-Dame Towers!

After walking 17 km the day before, I thought we wouldn’t be able to get out of the bed. Somehow we had a lot of energy to go out and explore the rest of the monuments we wanted to see.

We had breakfast at a very beautiful coffee shop. (I don’t remember it’s name, but it was unusually decorated with cat stuffs).

We headed to the Louvre Museum and what shall I say about it? It’s really, really, really incredibly beautiful. It was so huge that we literally got lost and panicked trying desperately to find a way out, while being dragged on by crowds of visitors.

When we finally got out of Louvre Museum, we headed to the Notre-Dame Towers. Well, it offers a beautiful view over Paris. However and once again it was crowded. People were pushing and pushing you away, so for the person who is afraid of heights, climbing 387 steps and trying to reach another side of the cathedral was a very traumatic experience.

We also visited the Sainte-Chapelle and watched the sunset from Pont de la Tournelle and it was so beautiful and romantic.

Day 4 – the Armageddon!

The next day was about to bring something really unexpected!
When we arrived to airport, we saw huge queue of people waiting to be attended at their air company kiosks. The schedule board showed that a lot of flights were canceled due to Air Control strike. We were so relieved when we saw that our flight was scheduled on time. We passed security and headed to the gate. Five minutes before our scheduled boarding time, it was announced that our flight was also canceled and we needed to get back and get more info at the air company kiosk.

After more than 2 hours in queue and the air company employee, who was chewing his sandwich (poor guys had to lunch and dine at their workstation in order to attend to everyone) told us that there were two tickets left for the flight for the next day at the same time. This meant we had to spend another 24 hours in Paris. We had nothing to do, but accept the reality. Our tickets were booked for the next day, we started to look for a room in a hotel near the airport.

Nop, nothing….

We had no luck there. The hotels were already full or super overpriced. We had nothing to do than spend a night at the airport. All I have to say that it was soooooo hard, but fortunately we had McDonald’s! It had everything to help you to spend time at the airport with some ease. It had a Free Wi-Fi, outlets on every table to charge your mobile phone, tablets or laptops and food! We took 3 or 4 breakfast menus that day. (We just love Egg McMuffins®!) The time passed so slowly, that we did not know what to do anymore. (In 24 hours you can actually memorize every price at the airport shops, because you have to find something to do).

So, 28 hours later, we finally were at home! Very tired, but safe and sound!

And what about you? Do you have any stories like this one to share?

Lots of Love,

Blooming Blonde



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