That’s right! Despite October surprising us with very warm weather, it’s time to start thinking about colder days. Especially about our skincare.  In Autumn our skin needs a little bit more attention and it’s not exactly the newness to anyone. Honestly, there are millions and millions of products for every taste and preference. But finding something that will perfectly suit you is very hard, imagine for someone who has very oily, super sensitive and at the same time extremely dehydrated skin this turns out to be almost a mission impossible. I’ve already tried different products – pricy and cheap ones and with different characteristics. However, none of them seemed to control the problem, until I was given a Total Moisture creme from Benefit Cosmetics.

Total Moisture – Benefit Cosmetics

Total Moisture Benefit Cosmetics

“Good-bye dry skin, hello hydration!

This facial cream provides concentrated hydration for a radiantly refreshed complexion.”

With time I’ve become a big fan of the Benefit Cosmetics makeup range. However, despite always looking at the very pretty retro-style packaging (I perfectly remember my grandmother using something with the same layout), I’ve never actually bought a skincare range from this brand. And by having it in my hands, this creme pretty soon has become a favourite of the Autumn and Winter seasons.

Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture provides instant and very deep hydration to our skin, without irritating it or causing any reactions. Its texture is very creamy and does not clog the pores. Total Moisture is quickly absorbed by the skin, making it radiant and very soft to touch. And of course (!), it smells wonderful. This is a long-lasting creme, not only because of its hydration effect during the day but also because of the product’s durability. Its texture is a little bit greasy, so that’s why there’s no need to put a huge amount of this creme on your face (well, at least if you don’t want to feel like you spread the whole package of butter on your face), which makes this creme last some months.

Total Moisture costs 40€. May be a little bit pricy, I know. But according to the price, quality and durability ratio, it’s a very good and affordable option.

A very important suggestion:

Wait until the Christmas Kits are available at the Benefit Cosmetic and your local Sephora stores. There’s a good amount of kits at very interesting and tempting prices. For example, B.right! by the Bay kit, which includes full-size Total Moisture creme (4o€) and BROWVO! primer (PVP 30€) and mini versions of IT’S POTENT! eye creme and INSTANT COMEBACK serum, for only 46,55€. A very tempting offer, don’t you think?

3D Volumiser – Tony&Guy

Despite this one not being a skin or hair care product, I can perfectly consider 3D Volumiser in the favourite products category for this season.

Since I decided to change my hairstyle and chop my hair short, this texturizing spray from a famous hairdressing brand has done some wonders to my hairstyle. Firstly, 3D Volumiser adds a lot of volume to your hair from roots to tips, defining it. Also, 3D Volumiser makes your hair shiny, without making it oily or heavy. All you need to do is vaporize this spray on your dry hair and layout it and you will have a perfect hairstyle with volume and smelling wonderfully during the whole day!

Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde

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