Advent Calendar Madness: 2018 Edition

Advent Calendar 2018

So we’re heading towards the month of December! This means that all of Christmas is about to start. Last year, there surely was a huge boom in the advent calendar. The ones filled with all kinds of treats, from traditional ones with delicious chocolates to luxury beauty products. The products can actually be worth up to thousands of bucks.

Guess what?

This year is no exception! There are lots of advent calendars already stacked on store shelves and are waiting to treat you with something nice each day, until Christmas. And if you want one for yourself or to give one to someone very special, I suggest to hurry a bit up with your decision and buy the one you like the most. ‘Cause, you know, they literally fly away!

Here are some of my favourite suggestions for advent calendars that are still available:

Advent Calendars 20181. – Once Upon a Castle from Sephora | 2.- The Ritual of Advent from Rituals | 3.- 25 Days of the Enchanted | 4.- Luxury Calendar from L’Occitane | 5.- Lookfantastic  Calendar | 6.- Asos Face+Body  Calendar | 7.- The World Whiskey Calendar | 8.- The Mankind Advent Calendar | 9.- The Gin Advent Calendar | 10.- Christmas Advent Calendar from Jo Malone | 11.- Jo Loves Christmas Calendar from Jo Loves | 12.- Tower Advent Calendar from Yankee Candle

There are definitely more calendars to suit everyone’s taste. Just stroll around some stores and online shops. And I am pretty sure you will find something to treat you up every day until Christmas Eve.

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