Blooming Blonde World

Blooming BlondeBlooming Blonde is Siberian girl who flew more than five thousand kms over Europe and gave her heart to the westernmost country, Portugal. This country opened the door to a whole new world of opportunities to make all the dreams come true.
Her long term passion for music, inherited from her father’s drumming youth, mother’s unique voice and sister’s passion for dancing, was buried deep in her heart and mind. By fourteen she learnt how to play guitar and by fifteen she started her musical journey, playing in various garage bands.
In 2005 she joined her friends and started being a part of Mind Overflow band and in 2006 made her debut as lead singer, changing the purpose and the sound, resulting in one of the strongest Melodic and Alternative Metal bands in area. The true friendship, or better, a brotherhood, talent and unique sonority of the group paved the way to various venues, from playing in bars to international stages, unleashing the confidence of a small and shy blond girl in becoming a creative and self-assured woman.
Unfortunately, in 2010, due to professional and personal reasons, she left the band, continuing her musical journey from the other side of the stage – as spectator, which awakened a new interest in concert photography. This interest gradually turned into a new passion. But the music and photography joint traced her destiny.
Blooming Blonde is now dividing her life between her husband, family, the very temperamental Tibetan pouch, dictionaries, lens and a new passion – The Blooming Blonde World Blog – where she shares everything she’s so passionate about.

If you have any questions, comments or inquiries, you’re always welcome to send me a message.