Christmas decorations: Getting your home ready

Christmas decorations: Getting your home ready

December is already here and, yes, it’s official! We can finally start preparing our houses for Christmas. I think that the cold weather and thousands of Christmassy newsletters are not enough for getting into a Christmas spirit. All the magic starts from the moment you get all the boxes with Christmas decorations out of the attics and basements. Then, after decorating the house, you can start thinking about the gifts, dinners, market visits and all the rush related to this magical season. And of course, starting the count-down, opening your Advent Calendars. (Unless you do not have one. Then, I suggest to check out this post here for some suggestions.)

Every year, I see new and very beautiful pieces of Christmas decoration for every budget and taste. And, today, I would like to share some with you.


Zara Home is one of my favorite stores where I get my inspiration when I try to redecorate our apartment. And Christmas decoration is no exception. From classic to more sophisticated and contemporary design, this store has always something to suit your taste.

Golden Star - Zara HomeWhite Owl - Zara HomeGolden Pinecone - Zara HomeLove Mice - Zara Home
Hedgehog - Zara HomeBranch - Zara HomeGlitter Bottles - Zara HomeGold Feather Ball - Zara Home
Wooden Advent Calendar - Zara HomeWhite Christmas Wreath - Zara HomeBear - Zara HomeGnome - Zara Home


El Corte Inglés is known for being a pricy shopping center. However, it is just a myth! Here you can find very beautiful and unique pieces, which you can’t find in the mass market stores, like the above-mentioned Zara Home or for example H&M.

American Village - El Corte InglésChristmas Heart - El Corte InglésPinecones - El Corte InglésReindeer - El Corte Inglés
Cristal Reindeer Ball - El Corte InglésAmerican Village Park - El Corte InglésGolden Star - El Corte InglésRed Carousel - El Corte Inglés
Pinecone Squirrel - El Corte InglésThe Nutcracker - El Corte InglésSnowmen - El Corte InglésCar & Pinetree decoration - El Corte Inglés


ASOS is the most youthful webstore I’ve ever seen. If you’re into some kind of a trendy, funny and cute stuff, like colors, unicorns and glitter, then ASOS is the right place for you to buy your Christmas decorations.

Christmas Pinanta - ASOSChristmas Sloth - ASOSReindeer Tooper - ASOSHi-Fi Cassette Stereo Player - ASOS


Where to get the cheapest Christmas decorations, if not at the IKEA stores? The Nordic styles have been conquering our hearts for years and this year is not an exception. IKEA offers a lot of options for very affordable prices and here are my favorites from this year’s collection:

Christmas Wreath - IKEAChristmas Cristal Snow Ball - IKEABlack/Silver Tree Decorations Kit - IKEAMuschrooms - IKEA
Gnome - IKEAGolden Hedgehog - IKEATree Decoration Set - IKEASanta Decoration Set - IKEA

And for last, but not least, do not forget to add some Christmas coziness with some home fragrance, like scented candles, sprays and air freshener sticks.

Gingerbread Candle - ZARA HOMEPine and Eucalyptus Candle - Jo Malone6152703800 1 1 1Wild Berries Set - PARKS CANDLES

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