Hello Everyone!
It’s time to talk about something that is starting to gain its own place at my home: Cactus plants.
I have pretty dark past with plants, because whenever I try to have some flowers and other interior plants, they end up dying from different causes. So, the problem is that I wasn’t born for gardening. However, plants, somehow make our home cosier. And something surely was missing at home – A cactus!

It’s not exactly the newness that cacti, actually, became the most wanted plant in the whole world. They simple and easy to care of. The most of them are quite affordable. And the most important, they are very resistant to unskilled owners like me. The only thing that a cactus need is sunshine and a little bit of water once in a while. I remember when my sister used to have more than like 50 different species on the windowsill. And I think if she’d continued her hobby, she could open a store now and actually make some good money on more exotic ones, ‘cause there’s a quite huge demand on cactus plants.


These cute spiky plants become a trend in high fashion, making people being obsessed with them in the way that Cacti just started flying away from market shelves, literally. For at least a year, cactus plants serve as an inspiration for many brands (and it seems that they will continue to do it for a while). Most of these brands seem to include more and more images of cactus plants in their products:

T-shirts, shirts, jeans and sweatshirts with cactus patterns, prints and patches, jewelry and accessories.

Cactus Patch T-Shirt - Pull&BearCactus Print Jeans - BershkaCactus Beach Backpack - ASOS

Every home interior design and decor shop shelf is filled with cacti-objects: candles, lamps, plates, glasses and salt and pepper shakers.

Cactus Candle - Zara HomeCactus Bowl - Zara HomeCactus Salt Shaker - Zara Home

And I have to admit, these plants look pretty cool. Don’t you think so?

Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde

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