Hello everyone.

I know I’ve been a little bit away from blogging. But if you follow me on Instagram, you might know that these couple of weeks where sooo busy, that I nearly had a little bit of time for myself and the loved ones.

It’s not about having poor time management skills. No. It’s about the amount of work and some projects that fell (in a good way) on my shoulders. As you know, I am a professional translator. And being a translator is a quite great responsibility. There are deadlines to follow. There is sudden urgent stuff to translate in the middle of another “calmly scheduled” project. And you have to adjust yourself to this and that. You feel your brain pulsing and thinking so hard that you become scared it will just shut down or explode any moment.

I am not complaining about what I do. No. I love being translator and every task (doesn’t matter how difficult and stressful it can be) I finish it, feeling proud of myself and of my abilities.

So, I am not being very active here, on this blog, because of translation issues. As you know, this is a multilingual blog. And thanks to it I have a very diversified audience. Every article is written and accordingly translated by me. It takes a little bit a time, work and most of all a functional brain. And I can’t handle (OCD issues follow) the idea of writing a post without translating it. Firstly, because every article is originally written in different languages, i.e.: this one I first wrote in English, another one in Portuguese and some yet in Russian. It depends on the ideia and especially a language my brain is thinking at that exact moment. And I really can’t stand the idea writing in only one language, because I know that some of my readers would not understand (and I don’t trust Google Translator – Translator issues!).

So, that’s the reason I have not blogging for a couple of weeks. But not posting, doesn’t mean that I’ve just stopped working on this blog. Not at all. I’ve been preparing some content. Taking photos (OSD issues again: It doesn’t feel right using pictures from Internet. Being creative and making your own content make you feel much better, proud & inspired to make more!)

Now something cool…

My blogging Instagram account offered me some pretty cool opportunities.

Travel Bloggers Society

I was invited to be an ambassador of Travel Blogger Society. What’s that, you ask? A Blogger Society that aims to build the ultimate travel guide for travellers by travellers.

Every post on Travel Blogger Society is created by travellers experiencing adventures first-hand and sharing their tips, advice and content with the world.

It’s a pretty cool community where you can find all about a certain country you want to travel to and also get some tips and tricks about travelling. So, from now and on you will be able to read my travel posts not only here, on blog, but also on Travel Blogger Society website. So go on, visit this great and a very helpful community website and if you want you can join it and start sharing your own adventures!

Instagram Take Over

I was offered to take over the Store4DJ Instagram account. Store4DJ is a DJ& Music production gear store located in Lisbon, which provides a great variety of music solution for national and international DJs and Producers, offering a unique and a very professional service to the clients. They offered me an opportunity to try my photo skills in commercial photography related to products and equipment from its layout, presentation and managing this on Instagram.

So, from the end of the September I started my first Instagram take over and I invite you all to visit their account and leave your feedback!

So, that’s it for now!

Lots of love,
Blooming Blonde

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