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It’s almost September, which means that our vacation time is over (well, at least for most of all) and it’s time to back to the working routine. We all know how it’s difficult to recover our strength after relaxing days spent by the ocean or by the pool and how hard is not thinking about all the fun we had during vacations. Unfortunately,  it’s time to go back. An important thing to do once we go back is to reorganize our workspace, it’s not only provides us some kind of a freshness feeling, but also boosts our productivity and the will to work.

Surrounding ourselves with something beautiful and inspirational during the working hours, can enrich our creativity and productivity. So, remember, your workspace matters and here are some ideas for how you can make it better:

Neutrals are essential

Workspace by The Best Designs

Being a visual experience, color subconsciously affects our brain and, therefore, how we work. Choosing a color for your workspace requires some careful planning for productivity stimulation. Neutral and relaxing colors, like white, cream, soft greys and browns help create a calm atmosphere for your work environment.

Furniture and decor pieces are the key

The most of the offices use neutral colors to create a sense of comfort to the workspace, however alone they are not particularly stimulating, that’s why I suggest to complete your workspace with some soft-fabric and wooden-finished decor pieces. These ones are quite fashionable and popular, and will certainly create a “homely” environment. Do not forget that natural light has positive impact upon mood and will help you focus throughout the working day. So do not burden your workplace in the way it will block the windows and restrict the amount of natural light. Also, add some dark accessories to your decor, for additional contrast.

Boost you well-being with some plants

The fine details make a difference and create well coveted working environment and enrich your workspace.  For example, Royal Chelsea Flower Show research showed that plants in an office can help lift staff well-being by up to 47%, enriching their creativity, productivity and general happiness from added greenery. Have you ever got that cozy and at the same time rekindled feeling looking at a plant? So, what are you waiting for? Put some on your desk, now!

Workspace by Insideout Workspace by The Future Kept

And finally…

Do not forget to spoil yourself and buy some new beautiful notebooks, pens, pencils and stickers as often as possible. These accessories are the key elements for a creative working environment.

Workspace Acessories by snjstudies Workspace Acessories by snjstudies

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