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Mother’s day is near and it’s time to start thinking very, very, very seriously about what present you should get for your mom on such a warm and lovely spring day.

First of all, our moms (and dads, too) deserve the whole world as present, but it’s quite impossible, so I suggest you to give something from your whole heart.

But if you are in trouble to find a perfect gift for your mother, below you can find my last minute gift guide:

Surprise your mom with Pandora:


If your mom is a jewelry lover, I certainly suggest you to check your local Pandora store, because whatever you bring from that store, from simple charm to the most complete set you find there, it will be a win-win option. I just love Pandora and this year’s mother’s day collection is absolutely gorgeous! You can also talk to the assistant and express about your mom’s preferences and hobbies, I’m sure they will be able to help you select something very unique for her.

Surprise her with some classic touch:

GUerlain Sisley

One of the classic options for gifts are, of course, perfumes. And the new fragrances for this time of year do not cease to amaze. The much anticipated Guerlain’s Mon Guerlain with woody scent and lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla notes enfatize all about femininity and will make your mom float confidently through the aroma.

For a mom with strong character and temperament, but classic tastes, I suggest Sisley Izia. A vintage touch natural and crispy rose scent will haul your mom to a rose garden and make her feel very feminine, natural and special.

Offer her some tranquility:

spa of the world relaxing ritual collection

For moms who are constantly busy and have no time to treat herself with some relaxation time or who for some reason, do not like going to spa, I strongly suggest the Spa of the World Relaxing Ritual Collection from The Body Shop. This elegant box transforms your mother’s bathroom into a peaceful retreat, where she can relax her mind from the daily life and get the feeling of pureness and tranquility.

For a techie mom:


For moms who are just crazy about technologies, there are plenty of things to choose from. How about a discrete power bank for a mom whose cellphone always runs out of charge? The Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror Power bank is a perfect solution to carry in your mom’s bag everyday!

Finally, do not forget that we owe our world to our mom and it not necessary to show our love through pointless gifts. The simple “I love you so much mom!” and a hug will fulfill hear heart and make her feel the happiest person in the world. So, go on and show some love your mom, she deserves it!


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