2017 Year in review

2017 Year in review

So that’s it! A year 2017 is almost over. I can say that it was a long year, full of work, fun and special moments, of course! Being a regular professional translator I finally got guts to try myself in something new and interesting. Something where I could apply my creativity, revive my photography skills and  show it to the world….properly. I wanted to overcome that embarrassment  feeling, once I did something “unusual” and put that on my personal Instagram. So here are some 2017 highlights from Blooming Blonde World:

  • January & February: I started thinking seriously about creating a blog. Long captures below my photos on my personal page began getting bigger and bigger… almost difficult to write and read (we all know that Instagram crops a bit our writing, making it a bit harder to proofread.
  • March: In between translations, work and personal life. And, of course, with my husband’s blessing Blooming Blonde World was born. I decided to write my content in three languages, as if I had no work to do at all. But I though at that time that it’ll make me a bit different from the other and would broaden my public. A complete newbie now was on the internet, scrawling about lifestyle, food and other themes, she considered interesting. As a newbie, but blogger and photographer, I was invited to attend a “Cooking for a Cause” event.
  • April: The “Inspo Monday” column was added to the blog which meant to introduce some Instagram accounts that would bring some inspiration for a whole week. I also added the “Pets Corner” category to the blog, where I share photographs of my very temperamental dog, Pelucha, as well a very good pet services for every pet owner.
    And of course, this was the month when  I started to share my travel adventures, like our trip to Paris.
  • May: I shared Blueberry Muffins recipe amongst my readers and… Boooom!… It reached 14K views on Facebook! ( I guess a lot of people are crazy about Blueberry Muffins!). Also “Some Trendy Stuff” category was added to the blog. Well, I guess all bloggers love to share something trendy don’t you think?
  • June: Trip to La Cittá di Roma another adventure through Europe.
  • July: First serious co-op work in blogging sphere with Saal Digital and Blogs Portugal.
  • August: Ahhh summer vacations! Finally! New look and lots of fun, beach days with friends and family.
  • September: One of the most important events of the year was, of course, the three day wedding of my dearest friends, Sérgio & Iolanda, inspired on the Dia de Los Muertos. Lots of fun during three days and almost one month of the free food in my fridge. My husband officially turned into an #instahusband. Blooming Blonde World got it’s new super clean and classy layout.
  • October: Blooming Blonde’s first collaboration with Morris York watches.
  • November: Discovery of like the best place to eat – Ribs & Company (can’t actually wait to go back there). Blooming Blonde World’s Instagram finally began to look even, colorful and consistent. Revealing the true me, not only in the aesthetic way. I finally started showing more images of me and not just some random landscapes, buildings and meals and all of this brought me a lot of positive feedback and will to do more!
  • December: Was invited to attend Benefit Cosmetics Bold is Beautiful Party with other bloggers and influencers like Hellapebble and Andriana Silva. Published my first ever gift guides for holidays and shared the first images of us decorating our Christmas tree.

The best thing is to know that more that a very large number of people from a lot of different countries actually spend their time visiting, reading and showing some love, supporting me during 2017 year! My biggest thank you to you all and let’s hope that 2018 will bring us all even more goodies than 2017!

Happy New Year to all!


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