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Vitamin C and why should we use it during Spring
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Vitamin C and why should we use it during Spring

After a long winter sleep, it is time to get back to blogging world! And I say finally, because seeing this page all alone for a few months made me feel so sad, but unfortunately find some time between this and that and have some inspiration to write some articles… well I got stuck. But, thank god, the spring is here and it calls for some changes in routine … and especially in skin routine. Since I got into beauty, I am feeling that with every spring coming, I have an urge to reset my body and my mind, but the skin too.  In fact, many dermatologists are being requested (well at least were, until this Corona Virus thing showed up) by their clients for skin cleansing during this season to make any winter dullness or gray skin symptoms to disappear. Sure, you can try some more aggressive options like…