Hello everyone!
Do you know what happens when you bring together a tattooed couple, a bunch of rock’n’roll music and gaming lovers (nerds!) and family members who have such a unique sense of humor and just love food? That’s right! It becomes a wedding of the year, which lasts for three days, but fulfills your heart with joy and your mind with silly and funny moments…. And your stomach with a delicious food, of course!

My dear friends, Sérgio and Iolanda, decided to tie the knot and get married on the second weekend of September. A private ceremony, a cozy and homely atmosphere were all this couple needed to celebrate their union and love.

The Wedding Venue:

The wedding took a place at a small villa near Palmela, that the couple found at Airb’n’b website. And I think they couldn’t have made the best choice of a place for bringing all their family and closest friend together for such a unique moment.
A modern cottage in old rose shades offered the most coziest rustic interiors, with brick accents on fireplace and the staircase wall.
Wedding Venue
Pretty isn’t it?
The couple decided to make the ceremony outdoors. The grass, palm-tree gardens and gravel flooring completed the whole wedding with the true Mexican touch of the Dia de los Muertos and get away from the traditional wedding.

Bride & Groom:

It’s no wonder how much I love these two and how beautiful they look together. They both are just crazy about tattoos. They love video games and they have so much in common, if I go on and talk about them, my post will never get an end.
On this day, I wasn’t a regular guest, I was in charge of immortalizing this moment through my lens and this made me feel so flattered to make part of their lives and, particularly, of this event.

So, I present you the Bride and the Groom: Iolanda & Sérgio!

The Wedding Cake:

Another aspect to which people pay attention apart from the bride (and the groom as well…well..mostly the bride) at a wedding is, of course, the cake. And all I can say that the chocolate and lemon curd cake simply rocked that night. It was not only perfectly made and decorated by Sofia from Mnhammy, but it also tasted deliciously. (I have to mention that our (nerd alert!) “Destiny – The Game” wedding cake was also made by Sofia and it was just awesome).
Wedding Cake

Well now, the wedding party is over, but there’s a whole new of life. And I wish them happiness, true love, patience and understanding!

One more cheers for newlyweds!

Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde