Hello Blooming Worlders!
That’s right! For many of us, this weekend was quite throbbing and tiring. The NOS Alive festival was quite energizing. Summer is at its peak (well, despite of the weather not being fully synchronized with the season). This is summer festivals time. I’m not saying music festivals, because during last years and generations that used to join their friend (and even families) to enjoy their favorite bands and music.

Today, the word “festival” is, above all, the synonym of a fashion show, messy hairdos and awkward accessories.

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If in the past, all we wanted to wear to a festival was jeans or shorts, one of our favorite bands/singers t-shirt and a pair of old and ripped all star shoes, today festivals requires days of preparation of the perfect outfits and few flatlays before the event. I’m not criticizing anyone. This is pure reality we live in. Instagram has hijacked our lives with all the Coachella’s festival trends. (And even if we do not want to follow those trends, we end up doing it, unconsciously. Me, for example. I couldn’t leave the house without uploading a flatlay to my Instagram, before Dee Purple Concert).

So, today’s post is dedicated to the Instagram users’ festival spirit, which can inspire you for all the remaining and good festivals that Summer has prepared for us!

Have a nice week, you all!
Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde

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