Who does not love travel? Discovering new places (and people, traditions, and so on) is one of the most exciting parts of living. Let’s just face the truth! Spending time at home with family or wandering around familiar places is quite nice and cozy, but going abroad, feeling all the airport rush adrenaline and all the unknown you have to face during your trip, makes you feel somehow fulfilled once you get back home.

My travel experience started when I was just six or seven, when my parents grabbed  my sister and me, drove almost 310 miles (500 km)  and set up a tent in the middle of woods for a week.  Living as a castaway for the whole week!  Something that I cannot imagine myself doing these days,  but at that time it sound and it was really cool experience, so cool that we repeated it a year after.

I was ten when I first traveled by train. I really appreciate see the sights through the window, but when it’s a Platzkart carriage, which means you have to share it with at least thirty totally strange to you people, you realize that you can’t really focus on what’s behind that window with all the noise and people walking back and forwards, pushing and carrying their luggage. In short it was a cheap, noisy and quite smelly travelling option, but surely an experience for a life!

The first flight of my life was few hours after getting out of the train. The plane was about to take off to Málaga and my parents were worried about how I would endure the flight, but after three days in a Plaztkart and barely sleeping, I’ve completely blacked out and woke up when the chassis hit the ground.

My true travel adventure began, when I started dating my husband.  Somehow, we have same ideologies about traveling and really love all about airports!  Every trip is as exciting as it was our first one, but also its really stressful for me: wanting to have everything under control and go as smooth as possible turns me into a Hulkzilla, and he is always there, by my side, to calm me down and make sure that everything’s OK.

So in the next few posts I will share about some of our adventures … Stay tuned!