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As we all know, Spring is the most romantic season in the whole world! And where do you think we decided to spend a weekend away from the daily routine? In the most romantic city – Paris!


Our flight with Aigle Azur was scheduled for early morning (04.45 AM), so we decided to take the last train and spend few hours at the airport. We drank some cups of coffee, checked-in and boarded on the Airbus A319. Everything was just fine, a very nice cabine crew with a very charming french accent greeted us at the entrance, we took our seats and we got on the runway.  You know when the engines start working intensively when the plane is about to start gaining speed and take off? Well, it was exactly what happened, but with a slight change…

The whole system just shut down. We were in the middle of a runaway inside the completely inoperable plane! 

The pilot announced that there was a slight technical issue and the plane needed to be towed off the runaway.

We couldn’t get out of the plane, because we were at the restricted area of the airport and may be it wasn’t really worth it to make us go out and come back, since the problem was supposed to be solved quickly.

Well, wrong! We’ve been trapped for more than two hours in that aircraft and do you know why it quite advantageous to be early at the airport? Because when you check-in early, you get your seats in first few rows and you can actually see what’s happening in the cockpit when it’s open. Watching Ground Force crew come in and out of the plane and talking to pilots is quite interesting, but it turns out to be quite scary when you see a pilot grasp his head with a pretty terrifying expression as soon as he got news on the plane from one of the engineers and the smiling faces of cabine crew going into an alarming expression. Well, we were on the ground, so no one panicked and most people were actually sleeping.

Few tens of minutes later, the pilot announced that the plane was ready to take off, but that alarming expression remained on the cabine crew faces. It was not that they were poorly trained, no! They all were very professional and well trained and for people who didn’t pay that thorough attention, as I did, everything seemed pretty normal.

The plane took of with the deafening engine noise and two hours and twenty minutes later and a killing buzzing sound in the ears we landed at the Paris Orly Airport.

The great thing about airports today, is that you have a lot of transportation possibilities to choose from, if you’re staying at the heart of the city.  Since all what we wanted, is to visit the main attraction, instead of renting a car, we decided to take Tramway 7 – T7 that links Orly Airport to Villejuif, a commune in the southern suburbs of Paris, located just 7 km from the city centre.

We rented a small studio at the Rue des Boulangers, located at the 5th Arrondissement of Paris, a very central and quiet district dominated mostly by university, college and high school students. And needless to say that there is a Boulangerie Patisserie in every corner (and the best one for me is La Parisienne – Artisan Boulanger Patisserie which sells just AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS Pistachio Eclairs).


We dropped the bags at the studio and went for a walk to get to know the neighborhood. and it was such a surprise when we discovered that we were actually staying 10 minutes away from the Notre-Dame Cathedral. But unluckily, it started raining so hard that we were forced to get in the first café we saw and ordered a Cappuccino to warm us a little, (something that I instantly regretted as soon as the waitress gave us our bill, because 10€ for a cup filled with a sort of burnt water (if someone could ever do that, I’m sure it would taste like it) with a foam and sugar, made me feel robbed with the class).


We came back to our studio to recharge our batteries for the next day.

Stay tuned for the Day 2!


Blooming Blonde


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