Hello Blooming Worlders!
Yesterday, I saw a not very pleasant, a crappy (the perfect word) comment rebuking bloggers or those who’s about to give their first steps into blogosphere as people who want to become famous and make easy money with some crappy content. I know that there’s no point taking this kind of comments seriously and that the world’s full of haters. And I know that people who actually are not really interested in blogs, think that bloggers are those who have plenty of free time, who look for an easy life and the only thing they do is copy or steal ideas of their “competitors”, i.e. other bloggers. When I started my journey as a blog writer, I actually thought that everyone would consider me as “another one”, but to my surprise the bloggers network…or better..community turned out to be the opposite. The receptiveness from other bloggers made me feel at home and realize that blogosphere is not about competition but about supporting and sharing ideas, experiences and know-how. And that’s how I discovered and ended up at Blogs Portugal.

What’s Blogs Portugal?

It’s a huge portuguese blogging network, totally free, which helps us to monitor our blogs in terms of page views, thus assigning a rating to it. The more views we have, the higher we get in our rankings.

In addition, Blogs Portugal, helps us to unveil our blogs and get partnerships. Also, this network offers monetizing options. Blooming Blonde blog is already a part of this network and so far I am quite satisfied with all features that this network has to offer.

If you are not a blogs portugal user and you are curious about it, click here for more.

Lots of Love,
Blooming Blonde