Hello Blooming Worlders!

That’s right! I gave in to the temptation (and a trend) to an ecological way of transportation – a bicycle!To be honest, me and my husband have already been thinking of getting some bikes and going out and enjoy some views, instead of denting the sofa with out asses. However, this idea always faded to oblivion. Let’s face the truth, buying a bike tightens in some way the family budget, needless to say about getting two bikes at once!

Well after saving some money, we finally decided to give us a reward – the bikes we wanted so much! The selection of a bike has given rise to a huge fight, when my husband insisted that it was a waste of money buying a “lady bike” for me, instead of a “normal” trekking bike.

These “lady bikes” are pretty cool!

I’ve searched all the web looking for that perfect bike, and actually found out one, which I fall in love with from the first sight. It had something about me, a small and elegant retro look with a straw basket and brown saddle. I was super excited to find something like that in local stores. We decided to head on to the usual place: Decathlon – one of most popular sports mega-store in Europe. We walked around and around and around the cycling section and chose a bike for my husband. And me?…No. There was nothing that could catch my eye. Everything seemed so bulky, big and uncomfortable (well, I guess I was the problem and not the bikes). We went to the supermarket Auchan (sided to Decathlon store) and, I could not believe myself, there was that bike I saw few days ago online. The Orbita Eurobici. In white color, with no basket and neither brown leather saddles, but it was THAT bike I fell in love with and I wanted that bike! And of course it was much cheaper than I saw it online. There was no promo-action, so I thought that the supermarket management crew decided to get rid of it and sell it pretty cheap. But only thing that mattered, that that bike was waiting for me! After making some fuss, I’ve finally convinced my husband to buy me it. To be honest, I didn’t want a bicycle for trail rides, or racing and competitions. I wanted a bike for few rides at the weekend and, who knows, starting ride a bike to work. So that bike would serve me the best.


We were both excited with our new toys, so we decided to go for a ride in the neighborhood as soon as we got back home. It was night already, which meant that it was a great opportunity to ride a bike after almost twenty years, and so to speak, avoid all the embarrassment in case of fall. Thank God everything went smoothly and I remembered the time when I ride my bike at high speed when I was a child.
Next day, we decided to take a ride around the city and get used to our new hobby. However, all the downhills that make our bike to accelerate so much and the thought of falling and hurt myself just seized my mind. I forgot of that there were brakes installed on my bike and not on my feet and legs, so I got home with some pedal prints on my calves. I was trying to get used to my bike, while my husband was trying to make me jealous of him riding lots and lots of kilometers with his friends.

The idea of riding my bike around Lisbon didn’t leave me to rest. The desire of, at least, to try and understand if I am capable of that was suddenly muffled by my husband’s and my mom’s idea of how dangerous it was. (My mom actually threatened me with flat tires, just for me to forget this idea). It did not happen, of course ! The idea of riding around Lisbon only aroused even more and made me spend some hours in studying and searching road rules, rails and cycling lanes in Lisbon, in order to understand which way was better, less dangerous and with almost no car and pedestrian movement for the wuss like me. I also bought a book from a New York blogger to understand what it’s like to be a bike noob in a city.


And finally the day has come. After thinking and overthinking about the trail (to be honest, everything is much simpler than I imagined. There are a lots of bike lanes that hang together in Lisbon. I convinced my husband to come with me for a romantic ride. It’s time to put my cycling clothes on, it’s time for a big L day!

And what about you, my Blooming Worlders? Any bicycle lovers around? How is your cycling experience going?

Share your stories and I will tell you about my urban cycling experience in my next posts!