21 Brewpub Gallas: An alternative for a saturday night

Lisbon has a lot of places to visit, to have fun and, especially, to enjoy everything about eating and drinking. There’s a new place every day, offering not only delicious food and beverages, but also a cozy environment to spend sometime with ones we care about. Actually, that’s exactly what happened on a Saturday night. I received an invite to visit 21 Brewpub Gallas, a pub with a great range of craft beers.

21 Brewpub Gallas

The pub is located on the streets of Graça quarter. Well, I think for those who kinda misses to ride the tram through the narrowest streets of Graça ou just wants to do something different and exchange the Uber to an alternative way of transportation, can catch the Carris E28 somewhere between Campo de Ourique and Martim Moniz and proceed to Rua Angelina Vidal, contemplating the beautiful views of Graça. (And, if you by chance meet a group of one hundred Japanese who would try to get into a tram with a maximum capacity of 58 people, there you would feel a bit tense… But the good thing that this touristic invasion would last just few minutes, because everyone will just leave around the S. Jorge Castle).

21 Brewpub Gallas is a discrete, but easy identifiable place. It is not very big, however quite cozy. We were welcomed by the barman with a Tasting Tray with barman’s suggestion of beers: Wit Cinco de Abril, Caparipa, All the Way to Stout and Coconut Russian Stout and, of course, nachos, just to start our evening with Gallas Beer.

21 Brewpub Gallas
21 Brewpub Gallas

Um pouco sobre as cervejas:

Wit Cinco de Abril: A light beer with pallid yellow color, fruity taste and malt and coriander notes.

Caparipa: A refreshing beer with very accentuated citrusy notes.  A strange flavor will be suddenly transformed into a very surprising sensation due its tropical flavors.

All the Way to Stout: A stocky stout with mint and vanilla notes mixed with malt and chocolate notes

Coconut Russian Stout: A much thicker beer than the previous one with coconut notes. This one is bit strong beer, which I think is for true stout beer.

21 Brewpub Gallas

In addition to a wide craft beer list, 21 Brewpub Gallas, offers to its customers various delicacies to the beer. In the menu you can find cheese and sausages boards, tapas, snacks, rissoles and (which seemed to be) delicious burgers, which, unfortunately we couldn’t have due to a slight burden in the kitchen, due to a birthday party that was happening at the time we got there. However, we didn’t leave the place disappointed, a bit hungry, but not disappointed for sure. In fact, we actually commented a lot about the quality and the flavor of beers. And the fact that we did not eat the burgers, it will be the great moment to come back to 21 Brewpub Gallas.

21 Brewpub Gallas

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