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Travel Essentials: This is why J-Pillow is now my companion to travel

Ok, it’s Spring time. Which means everyone is about to travel somewhere or are starting to plan their summer vacations. It’s a nice time to enjoy warm weather and visit places at affordable prices, whether it is another country, city or a village just few miles away from where you’re living. Having a comfortable journey is a key to start enjoying the place you’re visiting more quickly instead of lying down on the hotel room (of course if your staying in one) “resting a bit” from those hours on the road, flight or train. Last time, I travelled abroad I’d spent some hours inside a plane, so, like many other travelers, I decided to bring a travel pillow with me, the u-shaped pillow, because, you know, everyone is using it and I would be able to comfortably sleep during the flight. Once I put it on my neck and shoulders,…